Place 4 Grace launches their new program Grow in Grace

Place 4 Grace’s Executive Director Kandee Popham and Renee Dubler, Lead Mentor gave us an overview of their services and the NEW Grow in Grace Program. We also focus on the non-residential services that the ministry is providing to Moms right now.

Kandee Popham tells us more about what Place 4 Grace is and the services that they provide to pregnant women in the community. The services are personalized for each Mom. The goal is to have Moms stable in 4 areas: housing, employment, childcare and transportation.

Renee Dubler shares about the non-residential services that the ministry is currently providing including transportation to medical appointments or community resource locations, mentoring, and friendship.

Renee also talks about the NEW program Grow In Grace. They teach Mothers life skills including how to deal with pregnancy and motherhood.
She talks about how Grow In Grace is different than other programs that might teach parenting skills. Place 4 Grace is coming from an area of trauma for the mothers.

Renee tells us why it is important for Moms to attend this new program.

Renee also talks about the types of skills that Moms can expect to walk away with from being in the Grow In Grace program.

Moms can sign up by emailing Renee at
Grow In Grace sessions are on Thursdays at 6pm at the Mount Vernon Apostolic Church, 1635 West 229/OId Delaware Road. The meetings are in the white building next to the big brick church.
Childcare is provided. The program is set up for a 12 week run.
She also shares the goals of the program.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.

Place 4 Grace’s website is

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