Lacey Filkins of Experience Mount Vernon Shares About June First Friday

Lacey Filkins, Executive Director of Experience Mount Vernon, shared details with us on June First Friday.

She talked about the theme for June, the activities available, food options, parking, and more!

Listen to the full conversation with Lacey HERE.

Dr. Brenita Nicholas-Edwards Gives the MVNU Update for June

Dr. Brenita Nicholas-Edwards, Assistant Vice President of the Center for Global Engagement at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, gave us our monthly MVNU update.

She shared details on what is upcoming for MVNU this summer, information on General Assembly, and more!

Listen to the full conversation HERE.

Doug McLarnan Shares about Walk for Ukraine

Doug McLarnan is participating in a Walk for Ukraine to help raise money for a great cause and in honor of two well-known men in Knox County.

Doug shared how he was inspired and influenced by Jim Buchwald and Bobby Herald and he decided to do the walk in honor of them.

He also gives us an update on where he is on his walk currently and how people can get involved with donating to the cause.

Listen to the full conversation HERE.

Need to Refresh Your Quiet Time?

Does your quiet time need a reset? Is it hard to remind yourself everyday to take that time alone for just you and God? Maybe you need to refresh and renew what your quiet time looks like. shares 10 tips to help renew that special time! Read all the steps they have HERE.

We hope those tips and tricks help bring life back to that all-so-important time with the Lord.

-The Morning Thing

The Morning Thing Shares Prayers for Mom this Mother’s Day

The Morning Thing shared 8 beautiful prayers for Moms this Mother’s Day. All from, the prayers touch the lives and hearts of Moms in all different situations and walks of life this Mother’s Day.

Read the encouraging prayers by clicking HERE.

-Alyssa from The Morning Thing

Mom, Stop Waiting to do THIS…

We continued celebrating Moms for Mother’s Week on The Morning Thing as we get closer to Mother’s Day. Today we shared the origins of Mother’s Day as a holiday and some surprising facts about the day. Read more HERE.

We also talked about 10 Things You Need to Stop Waiting to Do from! Read the full list HERE.

One thing that is not on that list, but definitely is something you should have on your radar is Mom’s Night Out! It is just around the corner, don’t miss out on the fun and make sure to get your tickets today. It will be taking place in the chapel building on the campus of Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Thorne Performance Hall on Friday, May 19th. Doors open at 6pm. Tickets are free and you can find them HERE.

We look forward to fun night out with you!

-The Morning Thing

April 2023 Spotlight on Mount Vernon with Mayor Matt Starr

Mount Vernon Mayor Matt Starr shared updates on the City with The Morning Thing on Friday, 4/28/23.

Click HERE to hear the full conversation.

Topics included:

  • A discussion about current construction and maintenance projects including a project to deal with storm water issues.
  • An update on city parks and the grounds maintenance.
  • Discussion on the 2023 cleanup that is coming soon in Mount Vernon
  • An update on the recommendation for senior housing from the Mount Vernon Planning Commission.
  • Information about the proposed plans for a housing development on Vernonview Drive, as housing is a huge need in the community.
  • Details on the opening day of Hiawatha Water Park. It will open on May 27th.
  • Updates from Mount Vernon City Council, including Mayor Starr’s thoughts on the legislation that passed on Monday for annexation in the city.
  • Discussion on what actions have been taken to improve the condition of Mount Vernon’s 12 ball fields.
  • Update on the City’s Police Department, including Mayor Starr’s thoughts on hiring a second community advocate.
  • An update from the Mount Vernon Fire Department.
  • Discussion on Mount Vernon’s adoption of residential ADA forms and how the forms benefit both citizens and first responders.
  • Mayor Matt Starr shares his goals for April, including:
    • Cleaning up the streets
    • Dealing with storm damage
    • Improving utility infrastructure
  • Mayor Starr shares about the events happening in the city in May, including the Mount Vernon Memorial Day Parade, which WNZR’s very own Joe Rinehart will MC!
  • Mayor Starr tells us how we can pray for his team as they head into the month of May.
  • Residents can stay connected to the City of Mount Vernon on their brand new YouTube page, The City of Mount Vernon. Public city meetings will be livestreamed and archived on this page. Citizens can still check the City’s website and Facebook.

To stay in touch with the City, go to:

What Is Joy?

Joy is more than an emotion. It’s much more deeper and significant than that! There are 9 truths about what joy is that will grow your faith. Joy does not depend on your circumstances, it gives you assurance that God is who he says he is. We also know that the joy of the Lord is strength, that we should count everything as joy, that joy comes in the morning, that we can reap joy. It’s also one of the fruits of the Spirit, and that joy is felt in Heaven too! Finally, you can ask God for joy because you are a child of God.

Click HERE to learn more from

Getting your home organized while doing some spring cleaning!

It’s spring, which means you’ve probably started doing your spring cleaning. You can get your home really organized while you clean too! Women’s Day offers 32 tips for you to get your home organized and tidy! Some of these tips include focusing on one area, setting aside time to clean and organize, take inventory of what you have, donate what you have but don’t need or use, find a place for everything, store things where you will find it easily, use your walls to organize, and much more!

Click HERE to see all 32 tips from Women’s Day.

It’s National Pet Day! Let’s talk about the power of our pets!

April 11 is National Pet Day. On this day, we celebrate the pets that bring joy to our lives. Whether you have dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters, or horses, National Pet Day is a great day to give them a little extra love.

This holiday started in 2006 when Colleen Page, an animal welfare advocate, decided to create a day to celebrate all pets. She also wanted this day to create awareness for animals in shelters awaiting their forever homes.

There are many ways to participate in National Pets Day. You can adopt a pet from an animal shelter, volunteer at a shelter and help take care of the animals, or even donate a few toys or some food for the shelter animals. If you have pets, spend a little extra time with them, give them a new toy, take some pictures of them and share them on social media, and give them some treats! Whether you have your own pet or not, today is a day that anyone can get involved in!

Click HERE to read more about National Pet Day.

Did you know that pets can bring some health benefits? It’s true! Research has found that hanging out with some animals can decrease levels of cortisol, which lowers stress and blood pressure. They can also help with feelings of loneliness and help you feel more socially fulfilled.

Click HERE to learn about all of the amazing positive health effects of having a pet.

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