Simplify your life with seven simple shortcuts

Life can be hectic, and doing chores isn’t always fun. What if I told you there were some ways you could make those boring household tasks more entertaining and go a little faster? It’s true! We found some helpful shortcuts from that you can do today! You can even get your kids involved and do chores as a family.

You can make a meal prep assembly line, create chore zones around the house for some quick cleaning, make a laundry pile that will make you smile, create a family calendar of events, cooking during your kid’s naptime, shopping online, and cleaning your car every time you’re in it.

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Getting crafty with your kids for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great time for your kids to get creative, especially with their classroom parties! Today we shared some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day cards that will be a hit in your children’s classroom!

Click HERE to get some fun new ideas.

We asked some of our WNZR staff members to share some of their favorite memories from Valentine’s Day growing up. Click HERE to hear stories from Marcy, Judah, Dylan, Allison, and Catherine. Catherine also gave us this video of her gift that she talks about. Be sure to check out the video below!

Cost-effective date ideas that you’ll love!

A cheap date can actually be a good date! There are many things you can do with your special someone to spend time with them without breaking the bank. Ramsey Solutions has 45 fun date ideas that you can try out. Some of the ideas are even free! All of these dates are a great way to spend quality time with your significant other.

Click HERE for 45 cheap date ideas from Ramsey Solutions.

Social media can be a good thing!

Social media is here to stay as a part of society. That isn’t a bad thing! As we learned from All Pro Dad, social media has it’s benefits. You can find a sense of community, express yourself, learn, find some commonality, learn trust, and get creative!

Click HERE to find out what benefits can come from using social media

But there are some dangers to social media. All Pro Dad also has some dangers specific to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. While social media has benefits for your tweens and teens, it is also important to have conversations with them about the not-so-nice sides of it.

Click HERE to learn about the dangers of Facebook.

Click HERE for the dangers of Instagram.

Click HERE to read about the dangers of TikTok.

Click HERE to learn about why Governor DeWine banned TikTok from state government devices.

Thanksgiving can be FUN!

If you are like us, you are finalizing all of your plans for Thanksgiving! It is coming next week!

The Morning Thing is here to help. This morning (11/18), we shared some Thanksgiving activities for the whole family. These fun ideas from will help you get the laughter flowing along with the holiday cheer. You can also make some memories and start some meaningful family traditions.

Check out the full list HERE.

Click HERE to see the Thanksgiving FUN ideas that we shared.

Click HERE to see and download the Thanksgiving Lunchbox Notes.

Click HERE to see and download the Holiday Helper Cards.

We also had some FUN sharing Thanksgiving Brain Teasers.

Click HERE to get the full list and start the laughter at your family gathering.

Click HERE to hear from the Big Blue Crew! 🙂

Place 4 Grace launches their new program Grow in Grace

Place 4 Grace’s Executive Director Kandee Popham and Renee Dubler, Lead Mentor gave us an overview of their services and the NEW Grow in Grace Program. We also focus on the non-residential services that the ministry is providing to Moms right now.

Kandee Popham tells us more about what Place 4 Grace is and the services that they provide to pregnant women in the community. The services are personalized for each Mom. The goal is to have Moms stable in 4 areas: housing, employment, childcare and transportation.

Renee Dubler shares about the non-residential services that the ministry is currently providing including transportation to medical appointments or community resource locations, mentoring, and friendship.

Renee also talks about the NEW program Grow In Grace. They teach Mothers life skills including how to deal with pregnancy and motherhood.
She talks about how Grow In Grace is different than other programs that might teach parenting skills. Place 4 Grace is coming from an area of trauma for the mothers.

Renee tells us why it is important for Moms to attend this new program.

Renee also talks about the types of skills that Moms can expect to walk away with from being in the Grow In Grace program.

Moms can sign up by emailing Renee at
Grow In Grace sessions are on Thursdays at 6pm at the Mount Vernon Apostolic Church, 1635 West 229/OId Delaware Road. The meetings are in the white building next to the big brick church.
Childcare is provided. The program is set up for a 12 week run.
She also shares the goals of the program.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.

Place 4 Grace’s website is

Place 4 Grace shares news of an important meeting on November 1

Place 4 Grace is preparing for a special meeting on Tuesday, November 1st. They will host a House Parent Information Meeting.
Kandee Popham, Executive Director and Renee Dubler, Lead Mentor talked to WNZR about the ministry and the need to find House Parents. They also gave us an overview of the services that they provide to Moms in our community.

Click HERE to hear the entire conversation.

Click HERE to register for the meeting.

House Parent Info Meeting

Do you feel called to serve single pregnant mommas & their babies on a monthly basis?

Do you desire to show mommas & babies the marvelous grace of Jesus?

Is your heart one that instinctively knows the importance of discipleship?

If so, we invite you to attend an informational meeting to learn more about the ministry of p4g & our need for houseparents.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022, 6:30-8:00 pm

Centerburg Church of Christ, 3830 Columbus Road, Centerburg, OH 43011

Would you like to make more connections with your family?

Today, The Morning Thing talked about connections – connecting with your spouse and kids.

It really is all about COMMUNICATION! We shared some great advice from

Click HERE to read a helpful article with 7 Ways to Tell Your Husband That You Would Choose Him All Over Again. The author Celeste Orr shares some very practical ways to say how much you appreciate your spouse.

Click HERE to read a list of 21 Five-Second Connections with Your Kids. Author, Cyndi Barber shares practical ways that we can bridge the communication gap with our kids. These ideas will work on ANY age!

We hope that you will grab a few ideas and put them into practice today!

The Morning Thing is a great way to start your day every weekday from 6am – 9am.

Activities To Get You And Your Children Excited For The School Year

School is starting in Knox County, and we want to help you celebrate and get ready to go back to school! We shared some fun activities from that will help the whole family get excited about the new school year.

Here are links to some of the resources we shared today:

Back to School Party Ideas for a Family Celebration

Back to School Treasure Hunt for Kids

Role Swap Back to School Game

Back-to-School Games

Our Best Back-to-School Organization Tips

Lunchbox Notes

Back to School Home Organization Ideas

2022-2023 Printable Calendars for Kids

Screen Time Tracker

GREAT Back-to-School ideas and activities for your family

It is Back-to-School Week on The Morning Thing. We found some wonderful ideas and activities for your family from

Click HERE to find organization tips and ideas on how to celebrate this new year and new beginning!

Here are some of the tips we shared today.

Back to School Home Organization Ideas

Back to School Feast

Back to School Party Ideas for a Family Celebration

Role Swap Back to School Game

Back-to-School Games

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