Place 4 Grace has exciting ministry news – P4G Thrift is here!

Marcy Rinehart of The Morning Thing talked with Kandee Popham, Place 4 Grace Executive Director and Beth Landis, Manager of the NEW P4G Thrift Shop.
The ladies shared the exciting news of the Grand Opening for this new initiative of the Place 4 Grace Ministry.

Click HERE to hear the full conversation.

They shared the story of how God has opened this door to serve Moms and babies in our community.
They also shared all the details of the Grand Opening from May 11 – 13.
P4G Thrift Shop is located at 506 North Main Street in Mount Vernon.
Visit their website for more information
Visit for more information about the ministry overall, to donate or to volunteer.

Place 4 Grace launches their new program Grow in Grace

Place 4 Grace’s Executive Director Kandee Popham and Renee Dubler, Lead Mentor gave us an overview of their services and the NEW Grow in Grace Program. We also focus on the non-residential services that the ministry is providing to Moms right now.

Kandee Popham tells us more about what Place 4 Grace is and the services that they provide to pregnant women in the community. The services are personalized for each Mom. The goal is to have Moms stable in 4 areas: housing, employment, childcare and transportation.

Renee Dubler shares about the non-residential services that the ministry is currently providing including transportation to medical appointments or community resource locations, mentoring, and friendship.

Renee also talks about the NEW program Grow In Grace. They teach Mothers life skills including how to deal with pregnancy and motherhood.
She talks about how Grow In Grace is different than other programs that might teach parenting skills. Place 4 Grace is coming from an area of trauma for the mothers.

Renee tells us why it is important for Moms to attend this new program.

Renee also talks about the types of skills that Moms can expect to walk away with from being in the Grow In Grace program.

Moms can sign up by emailing Renee at
Grow In Grace sessions are on Thursdays at 6pm at the Mount Vernon Apostolic Church, 1635 West 229/OId Delaware Road. The meetings are in the white building next to the big brick church.
Childcare is provided. The program is set up for a 12 week run.
She also shares the goals of the program.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.

Place 4 Grace’s website is

Place 4 Grace shares news of an important meeting on November 1

Place 4 Grace is preparing for a special meeting on Tuesday, November 1st. They will host a House Parent Information Meeting.
Kandee Popham, Executive Director and Renee Dubler, Lead Mentor talked to WNZR about the ministry and the need to find House Parents. They also gave us an overview of the services that they provide to Moms in our community.

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Click HERE to register for the meeting.

House Parent Info Meeting

Do you feel called to serve single pregnant mommas & their babies on a monthly basis?

Do you desire to show mommas & babies the marvelous grace of Jesus?

Is your heart one that instinctively knows the importance of discipleship?

If so, we invite you to attend an informational meeting to learn more about the ministry of p4g & our need for houseparents.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022, 6:30-8:00 pm

Centerburg Church of Christ, 3830 Columbus Road, Centerburg, OH 43011

Place 4 Grace Prepares for Flannel Fest

The Morning Thing talked with representatives with Place 4 Grace. Kandee Popham, Executive Director, and Renee Dubler, Lead Mentor, shared an overview of the services the ministry provides. They also shared the exciting details about their upcoming event Flannel Fest. The event is Friday, November 4, at Lakeholm Church of the Nazarene. Doors open at 6:15pm and the program starts at 6:30. Registration deadline is this Friday, October 14.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.

Click HERE to register for Flannel Fest.

WNZR shares exciting news about Place 4 Grace

WNZR’s Wesley Boston talked with representatives from Place 4 Grace.

Kandee Popham, Chelsi Burns and Mark Dubler share the exciting news about this local ministry outreach.

Click HERE to hear the conversation.

They share the process of establishing a new ministry and how local residents can get connected.

They share information about their upcoming fundraiser, P4G Jubilee. Find out more HERE.

Kandee also shares stories from the ministry that show the true impact of their mission.

The Morning Thing Focuses on Local Ministries: Kandee Popham of Place 4 Grace

This week, the Morning Thing is highlighting some local ministries with whom WNZR has partnered. We are excited to share updates with you from Place 4 Grace, a local maternity housing ministry.
Kandee Popham, Executive Director for Place 4 Grace shares the vision and mission of the ministry.
She also shares why it is important to have a ministry like Place 4 Grace in our community.
Kandee shares the ways that people can get involved and support the ministry.

You can hear the entire conversation with Kandee HERE.

Place 4 Grace’s annual fundraiser, Flannel Fest, will be this Friday, October 1st at 6:15pm.
To learn more about Place 4 Grace and their ministry, be sure to check out their website.

WNZR shines the spotlight on Place 4 Grace

The Morning Thing is focusing on local ministries this week. WNZR’s Marcy Rinehart talked with Kandee Popham, Executive Director for Place 4 Grace.

Kandee shared how the Place 4 Grace team has learned some valuable lessons this past year. She also shared how God has richly blessed them in the midst of this pandemic.

Kandee shares great news about recent fundraising for the ministry. She also shares about the board’s recent approval for the official opening!

Kandee shares goals for 2021 and the exciting news that Place 4 Grace is hiring multiple positions.

Click HERE to hear their conversation.

For more details on the ministry and how to support them, follow Place 4 Grace online:

Website –

Facebook Page –

Place 4 Grace prepares for Flannel Fest

Kandee Popham, Executive Director of Place 4 Grace, talked with WNZR about their upcoming event Flannel Fest. She shared details about how couples can have dinner, play games, win prizes while supporting the ministry of Place 4 Grace. She also shared the latest prayer requests for the ministry.

Click HERE to hear the conversation.

You can register for Flannel Fest at

ReviveOhio With Kandee Popham

Today on the Morning Thing, we talked with Kandee Popham, executive director of Place 4 Grace about ReviveOhio. This exciting ministry kicks off next Friday, March 15. To listen to the conversation, click HERE. For more information about ReviveOhio: Knox County click HERE and HERE! For more information on Place 4 Grace, click HERE. As always, thanks for listening!place 4 grace.png

Dr. Ron Archer visits Mount Vernon to celebrate LIFE with Place 4 Grace

WNZR is proud to introduce you to Dr. Ron Archer.

Dr. Archer travels around the world sharing his testimony.
He will be in Mount Vernon on Saturday, 1/19 participating in the “Celebrating Life” event with Place 4 Grace.

The evening will be filled with worship music, stories from the ministry and Dr. Archer’s powerful personal testimony.
The event is at the Memorial Theatre, 112 E. High Street, Mount Vernon.
Doors open at 6:30pm. The event starts at 7pm.

*Due to the nature of Dr. Archer’s testimony, this event is not recommended for children.*

Click HERE to hear an amazing conversation that WNZR’s Marcy Rinehart had with Dr. Ron Archer and Kandee Popham, Executive Director of Place 4 Grace.

Click HERE for more details about this event.

Click HERE for more details about Place 4 Grace.

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