God Is In These Bible Stories!

This morning, we dug into the Bible to see how God was at work in the stories in the Old and New Testament. We specifically talked about creation, Noah and the Ark, Joshua and the battle of Jericho, David and Goliath, the fiery furnace in the book of Daniel, Daniel in the lion’s den, Jonah and the Whale, the birth of Christ, Jesus feeding the 5,000 men, and the crucifixion and resurrection.

God was present from the very beginning when he created the world and Adam and Eve, and we know that he’s still with us today! We want to hear how God is in your story! Tomorrow we’re dedicating the show for a time of prayer, praise, and sharing testimonies. Call us starting at 6am to share with us! Call our office line 740-392-9090 option #1 to talk to us.

Click HERE to read all 10 stories on Christianity.com.

Katy Nichole shares about the Live and In Color Tour and Lifeline 2023

WNZR’s Joe Rinehart talked to Katy Nichole about the Live and In Color Tour that she’s currently on with CAIN and David Leonard. The tour has a stop planned in Mansfield on March 26.
She shares how she got interested in singing and songwriting, and how a phone call from Josh Havens of The Afters had a special part to play in this part of her story.
Katy tells us about what inspired God Is In This Story, an awesome song that she sings with Big Daddy Weave but is also our Lifeline 2023 theme song!
As Katy found overnight success in her career, she talks about how she stays grounded.
Katy also tells us about her colorful vinyl of her album “Jesus Changed My Life,” which has many of her hits like God Is In This Story and In Jesus’ Name (God Of Possible).
She also shares how we can pray for her this year.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.
Check out wnzr.fm for more information about Lifeline 2023.

WNZR talks to CAIN about their Live and In Color Tour

WNZR’s Allison Prouty talked to Madison from the band CAIN about their Live and In Color Tour. CAIN, Katy Nicole and David Leonard will be bringing the tour to Mansfield on March 26.
Madison says you can expect to enjoy comedy, dancing, worship, and a mix of all three artists during the night. If you’re coming to the concert, she asks you to wear red.
She also shares how the band travels on their bus with their babies, as all three siblings have babies! Madison tells us what it’s like to make music and tour with her siblings, Logan and Taylor.
Madison shares the story behind CAIN’s song “I’m So Blessed” as well. She also talks about the power of Christian music and how she’s seen God work through it.
You can find more information about the concert and get tickets at wnzr.fm/concerts.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.

David Leonard talks to WNZR about the Live and In Color Tour

WNZR had a chance to talk to David Leonard about the Live and In Color tour he’s doing with CAIN and Katy Nicole. The tour is coming to Mansfield March 26th.
David tells us what got him into writing, producing, and performing music about his faith. He tells us about some collaborations he’s done, and he gives us the story behind his song “Good Lord.”
David also talks about being a father and an artist, and what being a father of two girls is like. He tells us about the importance of Christian music and Christian radio.

Go to wnzr.fm/concerts to get tickets to the show.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation with David Leonard.

Simplify your life with seven simple shortcuts

Life can be hectic, and doing chores isn’t always fun. What if I told you there were some ways you could make those boring household tasks more entertaining and go a little faster? It’s true! We found some helpful shortcuts from iMom.com that you can do today! You can even get your kids involved and do chores as a family.

You can make a meal prep assembly line, create chore zones around the house for some quick cleaning, make a laundry pile that will make you smile, create a family calendar of events, cooking during your kid’s naptime, shopping online, and cleaning your car every time you’re in it.

Click HERE for all the details from iMom.com

How do you handle conflict?

Conflict is a part of life. Our relationships with each other are complex, and naturally we may come into disagreement with the people around us. But we all handle conflict differently. The Thomas-Kilman model gives us 5 general conflict styles. Focus on the Family has a short 13 question quiz that you can take to see what your main conflict style is.

Click HERE to take the quiz.

It’s also worthy to read about all of the other conflict styles. You may find that you draw from some of the other styles in conflict.

Click HERE to read about the accommodating style. This means you try to serve others while giving and sacrificing in conflict.

Click HERE to read about the competing style. This is what Ricky got on his quiz! If this is your style too, it means that you are assertive and love to win.

Click HERE to read about the compromising style. Compromisers want both people to get something they want out of conflict.

Click HERE to read about the avoiding style. This is what Allison’s quiz result was! If you’re like her, you don’t like conflict and tend to be unassertive in conflict.

Click HERE to read about the collaborating style. This is a relationship focused style that seeks for people to work together in conflict to come to a good ending for everyone.

We hope that you can learn more about yourself from reading about these conflict styles. Click HERE to read the full article from Focus on the Family.

Don’t take it so personally – 6 helpful hints to handle criticism

We get it, listening to negative criticism about yourself can be really hard to hear. What if we told you there was a way to lessen that stress and hurt? We have 6 tips from the Positivity Blog to help! These hints include breathing, getting clarification from the other person, realizing that not everything is about you personally, talking it out, thinking about what valid criticism the other person was giving and work on that, and improve your self esteem. These things may be easier said than done, but they will make your life so much easier as you put them into practice.

Click HERE to learn more about the 6 hints.

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week! Let’s do something nice for someone!

Every year, Random Acts of Kindness Week is celebrated February 14-20, and the National Random Acts of Kindness Day is tomorrow (Friday Feb. 17).

This morning on the show, we shared some of the history behind Random Acts of Kindness. It was a term first coined by Anne Herbert in 1982 in California. She wrote the phrase “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” on a placemat in response to some violent phrase that someone else had written. She wanted to end senseless violence. She wrote a children’s book in 1993 to teach children about showing kindness to others. Since then, we’ve celebrated Random Acts of Kindness.

There’s many ways to celebrate! You can perform those random acts of kindness for other people, read books that inspire you, and help inspire other people.

Click HERE to read more about Random Acts of Kindness Week.

We also shared some stories about how people have been impacted by random acts of kindness. We shared stories of snow days, holding the door open for others, helping a stranger in need, and being present with other people. These stories are inspiring and will give you some ideas of how you can show kindness during Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Click HERE to read more stories from the official Random Acts of Kindness website.

Getting crafty with your kids for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great time for your kids to get creative, especially with their classroom parties! Today we shared some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day cards that will be a hit in your children’s classroom!

Click HERE to get some fun new ideas.

We asked some of our WNZR staff members to share some of their favorite memories from Valentine’s Day growing up. Click HERE to hear stories from Marcy, Judah, Dylan, Allison, and Catherine. Catherine also gave us this video of her gift that she talks about. Be sure to check out the video below!

Need some fresh ideas for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered!

Valentine’s Day is a week away! Have you started shopping for your significant other? Now’s the best time to get started. This morning on the show, we talked about 21 outside the box gift ideas. These gifts include arranging a weekend getaway, personalized jewelry, a flowering plant, exploring a new city, concert or sports tickets, and much more! New and unique gift ideas can be really meaningful for you and your significant other, so start thinking about it today.

Click HERE for the full list of gift ideas from Merrick’s Art.

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