Dr Amy Kovach brings Summer Camps to MVNU

Dr Amy Kovach, the new VP for Academic Affairs, is bringing summer camps to MVNU. The camps will be held July 10-14 and July 17-21.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation she had with WNZR.

The first session of camps, held July 10-14, will include:

-Criminal Investigations: Students work to solve a mystery
-Pre-Law: Work with the Criminal Investigations camp to hold a trial
-Environmental Science: Collect samples and test them
-Film Production: Make a film during the week
-Education: Plan lessons and implement them with students

The following camps will be offered at the second session July 17-21:
-Art Design: Practice bookmaking, drawing, and photography
-Emergency Preparedness: Learn how the pros handle and manage emergencies
-Engineering: Explore the different types of engineering
-Exercise Science: Great for students interested in personal training or physical therapy
-Nursing: Explore MVNU’s nursing simulator

These camps are perfect for students wanting to learn about the fields that they’re interested in before they go to college. The camps will immerse the students in college life and help them learn if college is for them.

Camps cost $485 for one week and $920 to go both weeks. The cost directly covers the cost to attend the camp, meals, and housing. Watch mvnu.edu for more details.

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