Paul McNeal Talks Paw 3 Palooza!

Paul McNeal, Coordinator of Development with MVNU Athletics, shares the details about this year’s Paw 3 Palooza at Irish Hills Golf Club on June 15th.

He talks about the scramble, the competitions, the Fire Truck Golf Ball Drop, and this year’s prizes.

Listen to the full conversation HERE.

Don’t forget to tune into The Morning Thing this week and next week for a chance to win a golf ball for the Fire Truck Golf Ball Drop. See the details below on how you can win!

Need more info on this event, find it HERE.

WNZR Wins CMBU Station of the Year Award

Our WNZR Crew share messages from Orlando, Florida and the CMB Momentum Conference after the announcement of our win of the CMBU Station of the Year!

Three students share their comments after accepting the award, Joe and Marcy Rinehart, and also alum Rachel Rinehart.

Listen to their comments HERE.

Dr. Brenita Nicholas-Edwards Gives the MVNU Update for June

Dr. Brenita Nicholas-Edwards, Assistant Vice President of the Center for Global Engagement at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, gave us our monthly MVNU update.

She shared details on what is upcoming for MVNU this summer, information on General Assembly, and more!

Listen to the full conversation HERE.

Dr Amy Kovach brings Summer Camps to MVNU

Dr Amy Kovach, the new VP for Academic Affairs, is bringing summer camps to MVNU. The camps will be held July 10-14 and July 17-21.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation she had with WNZR.

The first session of camps, held July 10-14, will include:

-Criminal Investigations: Students work to solve a mystery
-Pre-Law: Work with the Criminal Investigations camp to hold a trial
-Environmental Science: Collect samples and test them
-Film Production: Make a film during the week
-Education: Plan lessons and implement them with students

The following camps will be offered at the second session July 17-21:
-Art Design: Practice bookmaking, drawing, and photography
-Emergency Preparedness: Learn how the pros handle and manage emergencies
-Engineering: Explore the different types of engineering
-Exercise Science: Great for students interested in personal training or physical therapy
-Nursing: Explore MVNU’s nursing simulator

These camps are perfect for students wanting to learn about the fields that they’re interested in before they go to college. The camps will immerse the students in college life and help them learn if college is for them.

Camps cost $485 for one week and $920 to go both weeks. The cost directly covers the cost to attend the camp, meals, and housing. Watch for more details.

Bonding as a Family This Thanksgiving

Almost every holiday involves spending time with family in some capacity, but for Thanksgiving it is all the more in focus. The holiday revolves around everyone coming together to share a meal and, well, give thanks. However, despite Thanksgiving gatherings often being large affairs, it is surprisingly easy to unintentionally avoid spending any real time with most of the people in attendance. It is habitual for many of us to split along generational lines and hang out only with the people that are closest to us in age and interest. Even then the conversation may stay surface level and no real bonding occur.

This Thanksgiving, we want to encourage you to connect with as many family members and friends as you can. Enjoy the time with them, it is a blessing from God! To help you, we are sharing suggestions from Crosswalk to help you engage in bonding regularly with your family to make it easier to do so on the Big Day, as well as ideas for those out of the ordinary gatherings like Thanksgiving. You can check out the entire list HERE.

However you are celebrating Thanksgiving, the hosts of the Morning Thing hope it is a blessed time for you and your family!

James Smith gives the details for MVNU’s Homecoming this weekend

James Smith, Vice President of University Relations at MVNU, tells us about MVNU Homecoming 11/11 and 11/12.

James talks about how he is connected to Homecoming this year. It is a time for alumni, current students and the community to connect.

He gives us schedule highlights for Friday. The day will start with the President’s Prayer Breakfast, departmental alumni presentations, alumni-led homecoming chapel, and recognizing the Golden Grads- the Class of 1972.

Friday also includes basketball games and an alumni celebration in Foster Hall. The celebration of the Singletary Legacy, to honor Jim Singletary’s service at MVNU, will happen at 6pm in the President’s Dining Room as well.

On Friday, the 1972 Athletics Alumni will be honored at halftime at the Women’s basketball game. Then, between the women’s and men’s game, the 2022 Homecoming Court will be announced with the crowning of the Queen and (for the first time ever at MVNU) King. At halftime of the Men’s game, three athletes will be inducted into the Cougar Wall of Fame.

On Saturday, there will be class reunions, a Science and Engineering Alumni Breakfast, Donuts with Dr Spaulding, a 3-on-3 Basketball tournament, affinity reunions and class gatherings, tours of MVNU’s downtown buildings at CH4 stadium, an art gallery exhibit with former Art Professor Jim Hendrickx, the Music Department’s Homecoming Concert, and the MVNU fall play “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”

To see a complete list of events and to register, go to

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.

Today is National Stress Awareness Day

We often think of stress as solely a bad thing, but the truth is, in its intended design stress serves a good purpose similar to pain. It tells us that something is wrong and warns our brain that we are in danger. However, in the modern world we find ourselves experiencing stress when there is no present danger. Our minds react with warnings to our day to day lives. This is not how God intended us to live. The problem goes even further, because many of us don’t even realize that we’re stressed. Our culture values productivity more than almost anything else, so we have been conditioned to believe that if we are not pushing ourselves to the limit and feeling exhausted at the end of the day that we haven’t done enough. Warning signs of stress are accepted as part of normal life.

That is why we are promoting National Stress Awareness Day. We not only want you to take care of your physical health, but also your emotional and spiritual health, so that you can live the life God intended and experience his love and peace. The first step is identifying how stress is revealing itself in your life. It can take many forms- tense muscles, sore jaws, little sleep, extra sleep, headaches… It varies from person to person. Today on the show we shared a list of various signs of stress. Check it out HERE and see if stress has snuck up on you without you realizing it.

Maybe you are already aware of your stress though. Those signs may be perfectly clear and you just don’t know how to reduce it, which in turn creates more stress. It’s a vicious cycle. There is hope though. God in His mercy and love equips us with ways to reduce stress and feel His peace. We shared advice from Pastor Chip Ingram on Biblical ways to reduce the stress in our lives. You can find his great advice HERE.

Remember what Casting Crowns sings: We are made to do more than just survive. We were made to thrive. We cannot do that when shackled to the burden of stress. I pray that you will experience God’s peace today and that we will provide you with relief from life’s stressors so that you can live life abundantly once again.

To learn more about National Stress Awareness Day, click HERE.

WNZR Presents the October MVNU Presidential Update

The Morning Thing brings you the MVNU Presidential Update on the first Friday of each month. We talk with MVNU President, Dr. Henry Spaulding about what is happening on campus.

Click HERE to hear the conversation.

This month, Dr. Spaulding shares about these topics:

  • How God is moving on campus
  • The importance of engaging with students
  • The University’s plan for its ongoing Strategic Investment Initiatives
  • The recent campus water line break
  • An update on MVNU Giving Day 2022
  • Upcoming events on campus
  • Messages for students, staff, and faculty
  • How we can pray for the university and for him.

To stay up to date on MVNU, go to

SonFest 2022: Wolves at the Gate

We are so excited for SonFest 2022 to return to MVNU this Saturday! There is an incredible lineup of talented artists who will be coming to campus for this full day of music and fun. One of those bands has been here before and we can’t wait to welcome them back: Wolves at the Gate!

We had the opportunity to talk with Steve Cobucci of Wolves at the Gate. He gave us a great update on what has been going on with the band and a sneak peek at the upcoming months, as well as what we can look forward to hearing from them this Saturday. You can hear the entire conversation HERE.

Be sure to check out everything that WNZR is doing for SonFest HERE, and keep listening at 7:30 for your chance to win tickets!

It’s a special day at MVNU- New Student Move In!

It is time once again to welcome new students to the campus of MVNU! That’s right, today is New Student Move Day, a very special time for the university. The campus is buzzing with excitement and hopping with activity.

We had the chance to speak with many of the individuals who have been working hard to make this day possible: Haley Conrad, Resident Director of Pioneer Hall, Hank Spaulding, Associate Campus Pastor, Justin Nowicki, VP of Enrollment, and Tiffany Van Dame Director of Campus Life. You can hear all of the conversations HERE.

WNZR is excited to welcome the new students who are beginning their MVNU journey today. Please join us in praying for them as they embark on this new stage of life!

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