WNZR talks with Lori Totman about Fire and Ice

WNZR talked to Lori Totman, Director of the Knox County Park District, about Fire and Ice, a fun community event that benefits Food For The Hungry.

Lori tells us about:

  • The history of Fire and Ice. This is the 7th year for the event
  • All of the details! It will be held December 9th, after the Food For The Hungry Drive. Parking is at the Millwood Church of Christ, and a shuttle service will be provided to take you from the church to the waterfall in Honey Run Falls to see the 600 luminaries light up the night.
  • Shuttle service starts at 4:45pm at the church, and the final shuttle leaves at 8:15pm. There will be a shuttle for wheelchair and walker users that will take them to a special deck to see the whole scene.
  • She thanks the volunteers who make Fire and Ice possible
  • The importance of connecting Fire and Ice and Food For The Hungry. Volunteers will be there to collect food and money to support Food For The Hungry.
  • She encourages the community to give to Food For The Hungry this year. People deserve to live in food security, not insecurity, and Food For The Hungry helps with that.
  • “Working Together to Care for our Neighbors,” the Food For The Hungry slogan, tells Lori that, because food insecurity occurs year-round, we should all work together to keep our neighbors fed through the year. Giving during Food For The Hungry helps with this year-round aid.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.

For more information about all the ways you can be involved with Food For The Hungry, go to foodforthehungrycares.org

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