WNZR talks with Carolyn Fergus and Shawn Dugan about their involvement with Food For The Hungry

We got to talk with Carolyn Fergus, Executive Director of Interchurch Social Services.

She tells us about the following:

  • How long she’s worked with Interchurch Social Services. This is her first Food For The Hungry, but she’s donated in past Drives
  • Her job as Executive Director of Interchurch Social Services. She’s in charge of all four branches
  • An overview of the service numbers in 2021 and 2022
  • The top 10 items needed, like peanut butter, soups, sides, boxed potatoes, as well as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate
  • How a $1 donation becomes $5.22 worth of food at the Mid-Ohio Food Collective.
  • How Food For The Hungry allows Interchurch to help people. They help provide food, but they can also help with rent, utilities bills, prescriptions, and gas vouchers for out-of-town medical appointments.
  • Her goals for 2023- fresh foods to give their clients and having the pantry open for visits every week.
  • She asks for prayer for unity between all four Interchurch branches.
  • That the Food For The Hungry slogan (“Working Together to Care for our Neighbors”) means that no one gets left behind in food insecurity, and that the four Interchurch branches work together to care for their neighbors in need.
  • No one should be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to the Interchurch Social Services in your community by calling, emailing, or visiting in person. To find the contact details of the branch nearest to you, visit https://www.interchurchknox.org/

We also talked with Shawn Dugan about the Knox County High School’s Food For The Hungry collection.

He tells us about:

  • When the collections wrap up at each high school
    • Fredericktown- 12/6
    • Danville- 12/7
    • Mount Vernon- 12/7
    • Centerburg- 12/8
    • Knox County Career Center- 12/8
  • The competition between the schools to raise the most food and money. Food For The Hungry hands out an award for the school to raise the most food and funds, and the students like to beat the previous year’s record.
  • How Shawn has been involved in Food For The Hungry.
  • Some of the fun competitions at some of the schools. Fredericktown is raffling off basketball tickets and a gift card to the Brickhouse Grind, and the Knox County Career Center has their own lab competitions and unique collections.
  • How the Food For The Hungry slogan (“Working Together to Care for our Neighbors”) shows that everyone is your neighbor and you can do something to help.

Click HERE to listen to these conversations.

For more information about all the ways you can be involved with Food For The Hungry, go to foodforthehungrycares.org

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