WNZR talks to Captain Christine Moretz of the Mount Vernon Salvation Army about Food For The Hungry

WNZR sat down with Captain Christine Moretz of the Mount Vernon Salvation Army to talk about Food For The Hungry.

Christine tells us about-
-Her work with the Salvation Army
-How the economy has created an increased need for giving due to increased food pantry visits
-The Salvation Army’s service visits this year and last year
-The Salvation Army’s biggest needs this year
-The top 10 list of most needed items
-How your $1 donation becomes $5.22 worth of food
-How monetary donations help your neighbors in more ways than feeding them, including helping for housing, clothing, food for students through the year, transportation, and medical appointments
-Christine’s goals for the Salvation Army of Mount Vernon in 2023
-How you can pray for her
-She shares a story of how Food For The Hungry helps our neighbors in Mount Vernon
-Christine gives encouragement for helping your neighbors in need. She tells us about what the “Working Together to Care for our Neighbors” means to her.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.

To learn about how you can give to Food For The Hungry, go to foodforthehungrycares.org

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