WNZR talks to Cindy Martin of Danville Interchurch Social Services about Food For The Hungry

WNZR talked to Cindy Martin, Branch Manager of the Danville Interchurch Social Services.

Click HERE to hear the full conversation.

Cindy tells us about:
• How long she’s been with Interchurch Social Services
• An update on their service numbers and comparing this year to last year. Service numbers are up because of the economy. Danville has seen a 25% increase in the past year.
• She gives an overview of the food items needed for the food pantry
• How your donation of just $1 becomes $5.22 worth of food at the Mid-Ohio Food Collective
• The many ways Food For The Hungry helps people- the dollars help feed people, but can also help with rent, utility bills or medical bills.
• Goals for 2023 for Danville Interchurch Social Services.
• She asks for prayers as they continue to serve Danville families
• How “Working Together to Care for our Neighbors,” the Food For The Hungry slogan, means that her pantry can serve clients more generously.

For more information about all the ways you can be involved with Food For The Hungry, go to foodforthehungrycares.org

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