It’s Back to School Week on The Morning Thing. Are you ready?

We are celebrating the start of school all this week on the show.

We wish the best of luck to all students, teachers and staff at our local schools.
Here is the schedule for school starts in our area:
Monday, 8/16 – Danville
Tuesday, 8/17 – East Knox
Wednesday, 8/18 – Centerburg and Fredericktown
Thursday, 8/19 – Mount Vernon

Throughout the week, we have shared 101 Back to School Tips for both kids and parents.
Check out the list HERE.

These tips from are set up in 16 categories:
Prepare Mentally
Put time and schedule management plans in place
Make arrangements for before and after school hours
Set up a system for making or buying lunch
Shop for school supplies and gear
Organize your entire home for the busy season
Do everything you can the night before
Set the stage for a good night’s sleep
Plan for smooth mornings
Devise a plan for homework
Stay connected with teachers
Purge and declutter regularly
Set goals for the school year
Schedule time for fun
Delegate wherever you can
Take care of yourself

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