Simplify your life with seven simple shortcuts

Life can be hectic, and doing chores isn’t always fun. What if I told you there were some ways you could make those boring household tasks more entertaining and go a little faster? It’s true! We found some helpful shortcuts from that you can do today! You can even get your kids involved and do chores as a family.

You can make a meal prep assembly line, create chore zones around the house for some quick cleaning, make a laundry pile that will make you smile, create a family calendar of events, cooking during your kid’s naptime, shopping online, and cleaning your car every time you’re in it.

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The three easy steps to create a good apology

Let’s be real, we’ve all had to apologize for something that we’ve done. But sometimes offering a heartfelt apology can be difficult. Maybe you don’t know what to say, or maybe you think if you don’t say anything the other person will forget how you wronged them. Being able to apologize is still important! Family Life offers 3 simple steps to make a good apology.

The first step is to actually say the words “I’m sorry,” and actually mean it. Even if you have to sleep on it to understand why you need to apologize, be heartfelt in saying it. Flippant apologies can be more hurtful than not saying anything at all.

The second step is to say why you’re apologizing. This isn’t your time to try to blame the other person, but for you to explain what you did that warrants the apology.

The final step is to offer to fix your mistakes. This can help you rebuild trust with that other person and hopefully help keep you from making the same mistake again.

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Cost-effective date ideas that you’ll love!

A cheap date can actually be a good date! There are many things you can do with your special someone to spend time with them without breaking the bank. Ramsey Solutions has 45 fun date ideas that you can try out. Some of the ideas are even free! All of these dates are a great way to spend quality time with your significant other.

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Social media can be a good thing!

Social media is here to stay as a part of society. That isn’t a bad thing! As we learned from All Pro Dad, social media has it’s benefits. You can find a sense of community, express yourself, learn, find some commonality, learn trust, and get creative!

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But there are some dangers to social media. All Pro Dad also has some dangers specific to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. While social media has benefits for your tweens and teens, it is also important to have conversations with them about the not-so-nice sides of it.

Click HERE to learn about the dangers of Facebook.

Click HERE for the dangers of Instagram.

Click HERE to read about the dangers of TikTok.

Click HERE to learn about why Governor DeWine banned TikTok from state government devices.

We can help you make your Thanksgiving dinner a lot easier!

If you’re making dinner for your family’s Thanksgiving, you’re probably starting to think about how you’re going to handle the meal on Thanksgiving. This morning, we shared some advice that can help make your Thanksgiving go smoothly. Maddy Sweitzer-Lammé of All Recipes says to think of Thanksgiving as a two-day holiday: use your Wednesday for the cooking, and Thursday for enjoying the food and your family and friends that helped make dinner with you.

There are many Thanksgiving dinner foods that you can make on Wednesday, including your stuffing, pies, and mashed potatoes and gravy. You can also decorate and set your table on Wednesday too! There are only two things that she say’s not to prepare: turkey (because it might dry out) and salad (it could be soggy). But, if you prepare ahead of time, you’ll have time Thursday to make a fresh turkey and salad!

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Celebrating Food!

We celebrated the many foods that have national holidays today (9/20) on the Morning Thing. If you’re looking for a good snack, or lunch or dinner ideas today, try pepperoni pizza, fried rice, string cheese, or queso. Yum!

Check out these links for these food’s histories and for fun ways to eat them:

National Pepperoni Pizza Day

National Fried Rice Day

National String Cheese Day

National Queso Day

GREAT Back-to-School ideas and activities for your family

It is Back-to-School Week on The Morning Thing. We found some wonderful ideas and activities for your family from

Click HERE to find organization tips and ideas on how to celebrate this new year and new beginning!

Here are some of the tips we shared today.

Back to School Home Organization Ideas

Back to School Feast

Back to School Party Ideas for a Family Celebration

Role Swap Back to School Game

Back-to-School Games

Want to save money? Look for these things at Yard and Garage Sales!

We are all trying to stretch the family budget this summer. The Morning Thing hosts have been on the search for tips to share with your family.

We found a list of items to look for the next time you stop at a yard or garage sale.
You can save a lot of money if you know what to look for.

Check out the full list HERE.

Happy Hunting friends!

For more money saving tips, don’t miss the wonderful feature My MoneyLife, weekdays at 3:50pm on WNZR. This program from Crown Financial Ministries shares tips and insights from Chuck Bentley on how to manage your money life while still living on a budget!
You can access some incredible resources on the Crown website –

Eating Healthy on a Budget

I think we can all agree that the recent rise in grocery prices has made it harder to eat health. We wanted to help you out so your health doesn’t have to be a burden at the store!

Big thanks to Healthline for this amazing article on clever ways to eat healthy while on a budget! Here are some awesome ways to do that…

  1. Plan Your Meals
  2. Stick to Your Grocery List
  3. Cook at Home
  4. Cook Large Portions and Use Your Leftovers
  5. Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

To read more ways to save click HERE

Need a fresh idea for lunch? Check out these ideas!

Today, The Morning Thing shared some easy, cold lunch ideas. These are perfect for making ahead of time, so you can grab them from the refrigerator and pack them in your lunch bag with an ice pack.

Try a few recipes and let us know how you enjoyed lunch! Thanks to for their recipes and tips.


Here are some recipes that The Morning Thing hosts want to try!





Protein Snack Pack – Easy Lunch Meal Prep

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