The Truck to Trunk Food Distribution continues in Croton!

WNZR’s Marcy Rinehart talked with two representatives of the weekly “Truck to Trunk” food distribution Program.

Theresa Gregory is from the distribution “hub” – the Irongate Equestrian and Events Center. Jeff Davidson is the Project Manager from Global Vision Alliance. Listen in for details on how this food giveaway came to our community and how to participate.
Click HERE to hear their conversation.

This amazing food box distribution is happening TODAY in Croton.
Six (6) semi trucks will be coming to the Irongate Equestrian Center (12298 Croton Road, Croton) TODAY (10/27)! There will be over 6,500 food boxes to hand out!!

The time is 9am – 5pm (while supplies last).

Please help us spread the word to families in your church or neighborhood. If your church has a food pantry, please plan to pick up food that will help you serve others.

2 boxes of food per family. Ministries/Pantries/Churches can take as many boxes as you need or can transport home.

The boxes do contain perishable items, so plan to get them into a refrigerator once you return home. Each box weighs 30 pounds.

If there are questions, please contact Jeff Davidson at 740-501-5376.

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