The Elementary School Food has been collected for Food For The Hungry

During the week of 11/18, all Knox County Elementary schools participated in a collection of donations to benefit Food For The Hungry.

WNZR’s Marcy Rinehart talked with Sandra Fithian and Vikki Eley from Psi Iota Xi and Linda Owens from Delta Kappa Gamma about the Elementary School Food Collection. She also talks with Capt. Christine Moretz and Amber Brady from the MV Salvation Army and Joy Harris from Interchurch Social Services. They share their reactions to seeing 9 palllets of food! Marcy also talks with Louie Blubaugh and Jerry Scott, the two gentlemen that helped collect the food and get it ready to be delivered to local food pantries.

Click HERE to hear the exciting conversation from the storage building at Blubaugh Body & Frame.

All totals from the 2019 Elementary School Collection will be announced during the annual Food For The Hungry broadcast o n 12/14/19.


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