Katy Nichole shares about the Live and In Color Tour and Lifeline 2023

WNZR’s Joe Rinehart talked to Katy Nichole about the Live and In Color Tour that she’s currently on with CAIN and David Leonard. The tour has a stop planned in Mansfield on March 26.
She shares how she got interested in singing and songwriting, and how a phone call from Josh Havens of The Afters had a special part to play in this part of her story.
Katy tells us about what inspired God Is In This Story, an awesome song that she sings with Big Daddy Weave but is also our Lifeline 2023 theme song!
As Katy found overnight success in her career, she talks about how she stays grounded.
Katy also tells us about her colorful vinyl of her album “Jesus Changed My Life,” which has many of her hits like God Is In This Story and In Jesus’ Name (God Of Possible).
She also shares how we can pray for her this year.

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.
Check out wnzr.fm for more information about Lifeline 2023.

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