Staycation Ideas for the New Year

We’re in to the second week of 2023. The holiday high has worn off and we’re already longing for summer days, vacations from work and school, and getting far away from our stressors and responsibilities. Unfortunately, vacations can be expensive and often bring their own form of stress and exhaustion. Not to mention that it can be hard to find the time for them except during peak travel season.

Enter the Staycation, the often overlooked and underappreciated cousin of the vacation. The fact is, staycations can be easier to schedule, just as fun, and definitely more cost effective. If you need something to do over a winter weekend or you’re already looking for something to do with the family this summer, check out the list of staycation ideas from Ramsey Solutions we shared on The Morning Thing today. You can find the complete list, with additional resources, HERE.

Whether you go out or stay in, WNZR encourages you to spend some time with your family this New Year!

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