WNZR presents the September MVNU Presidential Update

The Morning Thing brings you the MVNU Presidential Update on the first Friday of each month. We talk with MVNU President, Dr. Henry Spaulding about what is happening on campus.

Click HERE to hear the conversation.

This month, Dr. Spaulding shares about these topics:

  • His thoughts on entering the first month of Fall Semester.
  • His favorite memory from the Summer of 2022
  • MVNU’s enrollment for the 2022-2023 Academic Year
  • His highest priorities for this first month of the school year
  • Top goals for MVNU for the fall semester
  • Recent changes with 2 groups on campus: the Senior Leadership Team and the CLT (Campus Leadership Team). He shares a highlight of these changes and told us how they will impact the campus.
  • Update on the Strategic Investment Initiatives that MVNU has been working on all summer
  • MVNU’s calendar for September
  • Special messages for our freshmen and transfer students, upperclassmen, faculty and staff.
  • How we can pray for MVNU throughout the month of September
  • How we can pray for him and his family this month.

To stay up to date on MVNU, go to https://www.mvnu.edu/

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