MVNU is headed to September First Friday

MVNU is a proud sponsor of the September First Friday event. The theme this month is “Back to School” Night! You can find MVNU’s tables and activities in the Community Corner section.
The community corner will be located on West Gambier Street near South Main Plaza. Stop by and have fun at each table!

We talked with representatives from the MVNU Departments that will be participating at First Friday. Click HERE to hear the conversations.

They each shared details about their program, the role they have at MVNU, and their goals for the 2022-2023 academic year. They also gave us highlights of the fun activities coming to September First Friday.
You can learn more about the academic programs at MVNU at –

Thanks to these faculty members for talking with WNZR:

Dr. Jessica Grubaugh, Associate Dean for the Jetter School of Professional Studies and the Education Department Chair for GPS

Dr. Florence Lim-Hardjono, Assistant Professor and Program Director, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Carrie Beal, Professor of Biology and Chair of Biology and Physical Sciences

Warren Neal, Adjunct School of Nursing & Health Science

Dr. Rachel Young, Chair of Social Work, GPS Coordination, Assistant Professor of Social Work and Field Education Director

Dr. Jose Oommen, Chair of the Engineering Program

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