Pet Appreciation Week!

This week is pet appreciation week and Neda Torabi, founder of Houndstone, has just the tips and fun ideas you need to celebrate like:

  • Give your pet an extra fun snack or surprise

Pick up your pet’s favorite treats at the store or take them to a local spot to get their own dog “ice cream.”

  • Take the time to ensure your pet is fully up to date on vet appointments and shots

You want to appreciate your pet for as long as you’re able, so take this week to get up to date on any appointments or shots, they’re overdue for!

  • Take your pet somewhere new

Change up your everyday walk route for somewhere new – whether that be a new park, a local beach to swim, a hike, or in the car with the window down. Your pet is sure to enjoy a change of scenery!

  • Have at-home pup spa 

Treat your pet to a “spa day” in the bath with relaxing music and be sure to check out Houndstone’s all natural and hypoallergenic canine shampoo to enhance this experience! 

  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter

If you don’t have a pet and would like to appreciate more than just one, check out your local shelter to see how you can help out or stop by and bring some needed products!

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