60 Ways to Live Longer, Stronger and Better

This morning we talked about some healthy habits to help you live longer, stronger and better. Over the pandemic lots of us have picked up some unhealthy habits. Here are some ways to help you get back on track. We didn’t get through all 60 ways this morning but you can find all of the ways to stay healthy HERE.

This article talks about…

  • Boosting Your Brain Health
  • Going to Sleep Easier
  • Pumping up Your Heart Health
  • Shaking off Stress
  • Cleaning Up Your Diet
  • Getting Back in Shape
  • Setting Boundaries with Technology
  • Improving Your Relationships
  • Conquering Loneliness
  • Becoming More Resilient
  • Taking Care of Your Skin
  • Cleaning Up Your Environment
  • Getting Your Gut in Shape
  • Staying Flexible and Improving Your Posture

Thank you AARP for this great article!

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