WNZR’s Spotlight on Mount Vernon with Mayor Matt Starr

WNZR talked with Mount Vernon Mayor, Matt Starr for our January Spotlight on Mount Vernon. We covered multiple topics this month including how to stay connected to all that is happening in our City.

Topics included:

  • The City’s problems with wastewater and the need for a rate increase
  • News from the Mount Vernon City Council meeting on 1/25 including the plan for adjusting wastewater rates
  • Zoning changes related to accessory structures in the city
  • Staffing changes with the Mount Vernon Police Department
  • Construction and infrastructure projects
  • The Columbia Gas project of replacing gas lines in the city
  • The City’s new plan on how to face winter weather including the addition of a new dump truck
  • Latest projects of the Mount Vernon City Street Department
  • Opportunities for community members to share their opinions
  • The Mayor’s plan to use volunteers on the City’s boards and commissions
  • Update on the recent webinar titled “Who Is My Neighbor”
  • Goals for February

Click HERE to hear the conversation.

You can stay connected to the Mayor’s Office and his administration in multiple ways:
– Website www.mountvernonohio.org
– Facebook – Search “The City of Mount Vernon Ohio” – https://www.facebook.com/The-City-of-Mount-Vernon-Ohio-1416953861968803
– Twitter – Search “citymv1805” – https://twitter.com/citymv1805?lang=en

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