7 Promises All Dads Should Make to Their Kids

Promises are very important to Kids. Promises help them learn the power of words—especially when a promise is made.  They also learn the power of a person’s words when promises are not kept. allprodad.com provides some wonderful insight for Dads!

Promises can give parents the opportunity to prove that our children can trust and can count on us, no matter what. In honor of Father’s Day this week, here are 7 promises that Dads should make to their kids.

Click HERE for the full article.

1. No question is off limits.

2. I am available anytime, day or night.

3. I will never discipline you out of anger.

4. I will respect your differences.

5. I will never stop loving your mother.

6. I will never stop loving you.

7. I will keep my promises to the best of my ability.

(picture from allprodad.com)

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