Do you need a Marriage Detox?

Today on The Morning Thing, Marcy shared some insight on marriage from FamilyLife.

Have you ever done a detox?
The purpose is to take the bad stuff OUT, so that the GOOD stuff can help improve your body and your overall health.

Have you ever thought about a Marriage Detox?

Click HERE to read the full devotional from Janel Breitenstein.

What could a marriage detox look like?

Nix the junk food. 

  • Maybe it’s time for a social media fast or from criticism and divisive thoughts (1 Peter 3:8). 
  • It could be time to finally seek help for that porn problem. 
  • Perhaps you need to burn the romance novels, or distance yourself from a friend who doesn’t encourage you in your marriage.
  • You may need to relentlessly purge your home of possessions that fool you with false satisfaction, drawing you away from God and each other.

Snack on whole foods.

What would it look like to feed your marriage nutritiously and without contaminants, getting back to the basics? 

  • Could it involve reading the Word briefly together or praying together?
  • Would it be beneficial to review what media you consume together? 
  • Is it time to surround yourselves with a supportive community, rather than living on a marital island?

Get some air.

The overwhelmed, overcommitted, exhausted version of the two of you—and your marriage—isn’t one where any marriage thrives or heals. It’s hard to clear the byproducts, so to speak, of irritability, resentment, and feeling used or unseen. What’s one thing you could stand to clear from your schedule?

Get off the couch.

It could be time for your family to burn some of its energy for purposes beyond itself. After all, as Proverbs teaches us, when we refresh others, we will be refreshed ourselves (Proverbs 11:25).

Read on for ways to avoid letting social media ruin your marriage. 

Need some fresh ideas for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered!

Valentine’s Day is a week away! Have you started shopping for your significant other? Now’s the best time to get started. This morning on the show, we talked about 21 outside the box gift ideas. These gifts include arranging a weekend getaway, personalized jewelry, a flowering plant, exploring a new city, concert or sports tickets, and much more! New and unique gift ideas can be really meaningful for you and your significant other, so start thinking about it today.

Click HERE for the full list of gift ideas from Merrick’s Art.

Cost-effective date ideas that you’ll love!

A cheap date can actually be a good date! There are many things you can do with your special someone to spend time with them without breaking the bank. Ramsey Solutions has 45 fun date ideas that you can try out. Some of the ideas are even free! All of these dates are a great way to spend quality time with your significant other.

Click HERE for 45 cheap date ideas from Ramsey Solutions.

The Morning Thing wants to help you strengthen your marriage

Today (8/31), The Morning Thing focused on building stronger relationships. We shared information from two great articles from

We shared a list of practical text messages that can make your spouse’s day SO much better. Click HERE to see 100 different texts that can encourage your spouse and remind him/her that you are thinking of them. Send one today and see how a few words can make a real difference in your marriage!

We also shared some Marriage Prayers for A Stronger, Healthier Relationship. Click HERE to see a list of 20 powerful prayers! We love that each prayer comes with a bible verse that helps direct your time in prayer.

At WNZR, we continually seek to grow the body of Christ while encouraging listeners toward a deeper relationship with Christ. We hope today’s show helps you build a stronger marriage as you seek to follow God’s plan and purpose for your family.

Would you like to make more connections with your family?

Today, The Morning Thing talked about connections – connecting with your spouse and kids.

It really is all about COMMUNICATION! We shared some great advice from

Click HERE to read a helpful article with 7 Ways to Tell Your Husband That You Would Choose Him All Over Again. The author Celeste Orr shares some very practical ways to say how much you appreciate your spouse.

Click HERE to read a list of 21 Five-Second Connections with Your Kids. Author, Cyndi Barber shares practical ways that we can bridge the communication gap with our kids. These ideas will work on ANY age!

We hope that you will grab a few ideas and put them into practice today!

The Morning Thing is a great way to start your day every weekday from 6am – 9am.

Clutter-Free Valentines Day Gifts

This morning we shared different clutter free gifts that you can use this Valentines day. A big thank you to Passionate Penny Pincher for these wonderful ideas. This Valentines day consider giving experiences, memberships, or classes. We also shared different facts about Valentines day that you may not know.

  • The average person spends $164 on Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • In 2021, Americans spent $21.8 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day (only $11.7 billion went to gifts for spouses and partners).
  • Americans spent $751.3 million dollars on gifts for their pets on Valentine’s Day (extra expense, not in the $21.8 billion above).

How good are you at listening?

The Morning Thing found some wonderful marriage tips from Family Life Ministries.
The tips were written for married couples, but we believe that this advice could be used in any relationship.
Listening is such a vital part of communication. Take a look over this list and be encouraged to start being an active listener.

  1. People come away from talking to you possessing a better understanding of themselves.
  2. You wait a few seconds after your spouse has stopped talking to see if they have more to say.
  3. You practice “reflective listening,” using words like, “So I hear you saying that you’re …”
  4. You’re comfortable with abstaining from advice at times, to simply be with someone in their grief. 
  5. You ask questions that cause your spouse to explore what he or she hasn’t before.
  6. Your spouse frequently responds to you, “That’s a good question”―but it’s okay with you if you’re not the person with all the good questions.
  7. You refrain from interrupting.
  8. You’re comfortable with not having an answer for some of life’s unfixables.
  9. You use facial expressions that are receptive: soft eyes, nodding, eye contact.
  10. You pray silently for your husband or wife while listening, and ask God for wisdom in responding.2
  11. You refrain from finishing your spouse’s sentences.
  12. You ask for clarification when you don’t understand what your spouse means.
  13. You don’t feel the need to prove yourself as wise or helpful.
  14. Rather than planning your responses, you try to set those aside in your head and focus on what’s being said.
  15. Your spouse is noticeably comforted after you spend time listening to them.
  16. Your advice is highly individualized to your spouse, reflecting back what you’ve heard them say and steering clear of pat answers and cliches.
  17. You have time in your schedule to listen to your spouse.
  18. Before offering advice, you offer compassion and understanding: “I am so sorry. That sounds incredibly hard.”
  19. You share your own circumstances that relate, but are careful not to refocus the conversation on you, or to indicate your circumstances were worse/harder.
  20. You think of your spouse’s experience after you’ve left the conversation, internalizing their struggle. They’re on your heart, so you pray for them, too.
  21. More than a problem being fixed, you prioritize that your spouse feels heard, received, and understood.

The Morning Thing shares tips on how to strengthen your family

On Monday, The Morning Thing shared some really valuable tips on how to strengthen your family.
We shared tips from a wonderful resource – All Pro Dad.

We shared 3 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Think of Others.
Click HERE to read the full article.
1. Show the what
2. Say the why
3. Share the how

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “Why do you think it’s important for us to think of others?”
“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” -Philippians 2:4

We also shared 3 Ideas to Keep Improving Your Marriage

Click HERE to read the full article.

1. Celebrate
2. Calibrate
3. Connect

If you’re not actively improving your marriage, then you may end just texting each other about what you need from the grocery store.

What do you think is the most important way to improve marriage?

The Morning Thing focuses on Fatherhood all this week.

Today (6/15), we shared the 6 Phases of Fatherhood and 5 typical Dad Fails.

Fatherhood is full of joys, sorrows, growth and love. is a great resource to help you navigate through every step and challenge of being a Dad.

The 6 Phases of Fatherhood shares some encouragement for Dads at every stage in the journey.

Click HERE to read the full article.

1. Expectant Dad

2. Sleepy Dad

3. Playful Dad

4. Stretched Dad

5. Sacrificial Dad

6. Wise Dad also shares a list of typical Dad Fails and how to avoid them.

Click HERE to read the full article.

1. Reacting Instead of Responding

2. Not Encouraging Your Kids Beyond Performance

3. Not Blessing Your Kids With Our Attention

4. Not Sticking Up For Your Wife

5. Not Living Out Your Faith

It is Couple Appreciation Month. What are you doing to strengthen your marriage?

April is Couple Appreciation Month. The Morning Thing spent some time to focus on strengthening marriages before we have to turn the calendar to May.

They shared some ideas on how to date your husband again from
Click HERE to see a step-by-step plan for the perfect date night to spark some romance in your relationship.

They also shared some tips on how to keep a marriage strong from
Click HERE for 5 practical and powerful tips on how to strengthen your marriage today.

We hope these articles encourage and inspire you to put more effort into your relationship with your spouse. Please remember that marriage is a gift from God!

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