Our words are powerful! Parents – try using these compliments for your kids.

Marcy Rinehart of The Morning Thing shared some powerful words this morning on the show. We all love receiving compliments and words of encouragement.

Mom and Dad – have your shared a compliment with your kid today?

Check out this list of 99 Compliments for Kids from imom.com. Share a few today!

1. I love when you ______.
2. You’re talented.
3. You have great dreams.
4. You’re intelligent.
5. You’re interesting.
6. I’m so glad you’re mine.
7. You have great ideas.
8. You make me so proud.
9. You win me over every day.
10. You’re so special.
11. I’m so lucky to have you.
12. You’re fun.
13. You’re smart.
14. You’re beautiful.
15. You’re handsome.
16. You rock.
17. You’re creative.
18. You are so good at ______.
19. You’re helpful.
20. You’re inspiring.
21. You love me well.
22. You’re fantastic.
23. You’re athletic.
24. You’re artistic.
25. You color my world.
26. You encourage me.
27. You’re the light of my life.
28. You’re one of a kind.
29. You have my heart.
30. You’re delightful.
31. You’re kind.
32. I believe in you.
33. You’re so trustworthy.
34. You’re unique.
35. You’re compassionate.
36. You’re positive.
37. You’re incredible.
38. I admire how you _____.
39. I love your laugh.
40. You make my days sweeter.
41. You make me smile.
42. I love your smile.
43. There’s no one else like you.
44. You are a joy.
45. I love that you belong to me.
46. You’re thoughtful.
47. You are excellent.
48. You’re a great big brother/sister.
49. You’re a great little brother/sister.
50. My favorite time is time with you.
51. I value you.
52. You are worth so much to me.
53. I love when you confide in me.
54. You’re so strong.
55. You’re the best.
56. You are such a blessing to me.
57. We make a great team.
58. You do things with excellence.
59. You’re so hopeful.
60. I love being on your side.
61. You’re a great leader.
62. You make a difference.
63. You’re radiant.
64. You’re so fun to play with.
65. You always make me laugh.
66. You are a great student.
67. You can do anything you put your mind to.
68. I admire how you keep promises.
69. Nothing will ever keep me from loving you.
70. You are a wonderful part of our family.
71. You’re amazing.
72. You’re awesome.
73. You brighten my life.
74. You make memories sweeter.
75. You’re so respectful.
76. You have incredible insight.
77. I love how you’re so truthful.
78. You matter to me.
79. You love your friends well.
80. You shine every day.
81. You are such a leader at school.
82. You’re a team player.
83. I love that you never give up.
84. You set a great example.
85. You’re tremendous.
86. You impact me every day.
87. You’re so fun-loving.
88. You’re nice to others.
89. You’re outstanding.
90. You are a great son/daughter.
91. You’re so refreshing.
92. You put others first.
93. I have confidence in you.
94. I enjoy you.
95. You’re marvelous.
96. You make gray skies disappear.
97. You’re doing great things.
98. You’re unbelievable.
99. I love you.

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