It is Pay A Compliment Day. How will you celebrate?

Today, The Morning Thing shared the good news that today, 2/6/23 is Pay A Compliment Day.

This day was started in 1995 by a lady named, Adrienne Koopersmith. She was riding a bus in Chicago and saw the drive be kind to someone who was cold and wanted to get on the bus. This person wasn’t at a bus stop, but the driver stopped anyway. Adrienne wanted to compliment him for this act of kindness. She realized that sharing a compliment for him actually made her day better.

Read about the history of this special day HERE.

We shared 5 reasons why you should give compliments. It is GOOD for YOU!
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1. Giving compliments increases your happiness.

2. Giving compliments makes you grateful.

3. Giving compliments strengthens your interpersonal relationships.

4. Giving compliments increases your stress resilience and physical health. 

5. Giving compliments creates a ripple of positivity. 

It is National Compliment Day!

This morning we talked about the power of a compliment and shared advice on how to celebrate National Compliment day. Thank you to National Today and Quick and Dirty Tips for there awesome posts.

Here are some of the ways we shared this morning of how to celebrate today…

  • Compliment a stranger
  • Spread the good vibes on social media
  • Challenge family, friends, and coworkers

Click HERE to read all of the ways to celebrate National Compliment Day.

Here are more tips to celebrate positivity on National Compliment Day…

  • Be sincere and specific with your compliment
  • Pick up the phone and call
  • Don’t limit your kind sentiments to one day

Click HERE to read more ways to celebrate today.

Our words are powerful! Parents – try using these compliments for your kids.

Marcy Rinehart of The Morning Thing shared some powerful words this morning on the show. We all love receiving compliments and words of encouragement.

Mom and Dad – have your shared a compliment with your kid today?

Check out this list of 99 Compliments for Kids from Share a few today!

1. I love when you ______.
2. You’re talented.
3. You have great dreams.
4. You’re intelligent.
5. You’re interesting.
6. I’m so glad you’re mine.
7. You have great ideas.
8. You make me so proud.
9. You win me over every day.
10. You’re so special.
11. I’m so lucky to have you.
12. You’re fun.
13. You’re smart.
14. You’re beautiful.
15. You’re handsome.
16. You rock.
17. You’re creative.
18. You are so good at ______.
19. You’re helpful.
20. You’re inspiring.
21. You love me well.
22. You’re fantastic.
23. You’re athletic.
24. You’re artistic.
25. You color my world.
26. You encourage me.
27. You’re the light of my life.
28. You’re one of a kind.
29. You have my heart.
30. You’re delightful.
31. You’re kind.
32. I believe in you.
33. You’re so trustworthy.
34. You’re unique.
35. You’re compassionate.
36. You’re positive.
37. You’re incredible.
38. I admire how you _____.
39. I love your laugh.
40. You make my days sweeter.
41. You make me smile.
42. I love your smile.
43. There’s no one else like you.
44. You are a joy.
45. I love that you belong to me.
46. You’re thoughtful.
47. You are excellent.
48. You’re a great big brother/sister.
49. You’re a great little brother/sister.
50. My favorite time is time with you.
51. I value you.
52. You are worth so much to me.
53. I love when you confide in me.
54. You’re so strong.
55. You’re the best.
56. You are such a blessing to me.
57. We make a great team.
58. You do things with excellence.
59. You’re so hopeful.
60. I love being on your side.
61. You’re a great leader.
62. You make a difference.
63. You’re radiant.
64. You’re so fun to play with.
65. You always make me laugh.
66. You are a great student.
67. You can do anything you put your mind to.
68. I admire how you keep promises.
69. Nothing will ever keep me from loving you.
70. You are a wonderful part of our family.
71. You’re amazing.
72. You’re awesome.
73. You brighten my life.
74. You make memories sweeter.
75. You’re so respectful.
76. You have incredible insight.
77. I love how you’re so truthful.
78. You matter to me.
79. You love your friends well.
80. You shine every day.
81. You are such a leader at school.
82. You’re a team player.
83. I love that you never give up.
84. You set a great example.
85. You’re tremendous.
86. You impact me every day.
87. You’re so fun-loving.
88. You’re nice to others.
89. You’re outstanding.
90. You are a great son/daughter.
91. You’re so refreshing.
92. You put others first.
93. I have confidence in you.
94. I enjoy you.
95. You’re marvelous.
96. You make gray skies disappear.
97. You’re doing great things.
98. You’re unbelievable.
99. I love you.

You’re Looking GREAT Today

Image result for cute echidna

It’s International Compliment Day and on the Morning Thing and Cameron and Christa spent the morning complimenting each other and talking about the best compliments that you can give or receive.

They also shared some unique and creative compliment ideas and, since this holiday is international, after all, they talked about some compliments in other languages that might not translate so well.

The Impossible Trivia Question was about the lesser known monotreme (mammals that lay eggs) the echidna or spiny anteater. Congrats to Cameron from Utica for getting this one right!


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