25 reasons why you should come to WNZR’s Valentines Banquet

What are your plans for Friday, February 14th? The Morning Thing shared 25 reasons why you and your valentine should come to our banquet on 2/14!

1. It is on Valentines Day.

2. It is the 22nd annual banquet. We have a history of hosting great banquets.

3. Alliteration in the title, “Silver Screen Serenade”.

4. You will get to see some of your favorite romantic movies scenes.

5. You will get to hear some of your favorite loves songs.

6. Italian buffet – YUMMY! The menu includes classic lasagna, fettuccini alfredo, Caesar salad, antipasto salad, fruit salad, fresh green beans and garlic bread sticks!

7. Chocolate cake for dessert! Do we need to say anything else?!

8. Over $1000 dollars in door prizes!

9. Tickets are only $20 – that is a very good deal!

10. This banquet is an opportunity to support WNZR students that are raising funds to attend Christian Broadcasting Conferences. This event is a fundraiser for 4 WNZR Students!

11. This is a romantic opportunity with an emphasis on a faith based relationship.

12. The banquet is a great chance to connect with other couples who love God and WNZR.

13. This event saves you the trouble of having to come up with a romantic idea on your own.

14. The event is a win-win for both you and your spouse, no matter which of you bought the ticket and which of you is being treated to the event.

15. Talented musicians and actors will be performing special acts just for you!

16. Seriously, chocolate cake. It’s so good it needs to be on here twice.

17. This is the ONLY Valentine’s event where you can hear Joe Rinehart sing! This is worth the price of the ticket!

18. This event could open the door for a future relationship. (Hunter – find a date!)

19. Since this is the “Silver Screen Serenade”, it’s like getting dinner and a movie without paying extra for the movie….or having to buy the popcorn!

20. Our event is being held right here in Mount Vernon. You don’t have to travel! The event will be in Foster Hall, inside Ariel Arena on the campus of Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

21. Each couple will receive a goody bag before you leave.

22. FREE parking! Parking is available in front and behind Ariel Arena. Handicapped parking is also available to the side of the arena. (Please call 740-392-9090 for directions or questions about parking.)

23. You will get to see MVNU’s beautiful Ariel Arena, where the MVNU athletic teams play.

24. You will make a great memory with your special valentine.

25. You will have SO much fun, you’ll know what you want to do for Valentine’s Day in 2021!

Click HERE for more information about the 2020 Valentine’s Banquet with WNZR.
A complete list of prizes is coming soon!
Don’t delay – the deadline to buy tickets is NEXT Tuesday, 2/4 at Noon!
Tickets are on sale at the WNZR Studios located on the second floor of Founders Hall on the MVNU Campus. Our offices are open 6am – 6pm each weekday. If you can’t make it to our studios during that time frame, please call 740-392-9090 and we will work out a time that is convenient for you to pick up your tickets.

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