November 2022 Spotlight on Mount Vernon with Mayor Matt Starr

Mount Vernon Mayor Matt Starr shared updates on the City with The Morning Thing on Friday, 11/25/22.

Click HERE to hear the full conversation.

Topics included:

  • An update on current construction and maintenance projects
    • Finishing the Municipal Parking Garage
    • The curbing and guttering work is wrapped up for the year
    • The island at South Main Street and Columbus Road is done!
    • The city is continuing to study the intersection at South Main and Columbus Road to see traffic patterns
  • Updates from Mount Vernon City Council:
    • It is budget season. A work session will take place in January with the City and City Council.- Police cruisers that were ordered in February 2022 have finally arrived. There was a delay because of the lack of micro-processing chips that were in high demand.- City Council is discussing the purchase of a new fire truck
    • – City Council has approved the position of an alternate voting member for the City Recreation Board
  • Mayor Matt Starr shares an update on the City’s Police Department.  He talks about the 6-month trial run of the traffic division. There is an assigned patrol officer to handle traffic-related incidents.
  • Mayor Matt Starr shares an update on the City’s Fire Department.
    • They just hired 3 new part-time firefighters.
    • They are also trying to get a new fire truck.
    • There will be a firefighter paramedic test on December 14. The deadline to apply is December 9. You can apply on the city’s website – Website:
    • The fire department is also participating in Toys for Tots. You can drop them off at the MV Fire Department on West Gambier Street.
  • Mayor Matt Starr shares his goals for the month of December.
    • He wants to wrap up the budget meetings with all departments
    • He encourages taking time to be thankful this Thanksgiving – pause and realize that this is a remarkable community.
    • Finish the construction on the Municipal Parking Garage
  • Mayor Matt Starr shares upcoming events for the City.
    • Shop Small Saturday on 11/26The lighting of the Public Square, 11/26Mount Vernon Christmas Parade, 11/27, 2pmWinter Sanctuary fundraiser – A Christmas Carol presentation
    • Food For The Hungry, 12/9
  • Mayor Matt Starr shares what he is thankful for this Thanksgiving. He is thankful for your prayers and the amazing community.
  • Mayor Matt Starr explains how residents can stay connected to City Hall and the Mayor’s Office by checking out the website and social media accounts.
  • He tells us that as we go into this holiday season, and he asks that we pray for folks that have lost loved ones. He also shares how we can pray for him and his team as they get ready to go into 2023.

To stay in touch with the City, go to:

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