October 2022 Spotlight on Mount Vernon with Mayor Matt Starr

Mount Vernon Mayor Matt Starr shared updates on the City with The Morning Thing on Friday, 10/28/22.

Click HERE to hear the full conversation.

Mount Vernon Mayor Matt Starr shared updates on the City with The Morning Thing on Friday, 10/28/22.

Topics included:

  • An update on current construction and maintenance projects
    • Finishing the Municipal Parking Garage
    • Columbus Rd / South Main intersection curbing and guttering
  • Budgeting for projects in the upcoming 3 years
  • An update on the City’s plans for snow removal this winter.
  • The City is currently hiring seasonal workers to help with leaf removal.
  • An update about the funding the City received from the Ohio Department of Development to help with community improvements.
    • Mount Vernon is receiving a $500,000 critical infrastructure grant that will fund repairs to the brick streets and other improvements for North Catherine Street.
    • Mount Vernon is also receiving a $750,000 neighborhood revitalization grant that will be used to:
      • Solve water line problems around Dan Emmett Elementary School, Mansfield Avenue, Taylor Avenue, Nuce Road, and Nash Street.
      • Along with an ODOT grant, create a multi-use path on Mansfield Road to give Dan Emmett students a safe path to walk or bike to school.
  • Mayor Matt Starr gives us an update from the Mount Vernon Municipal Planning Commission regarding a preliminary plat for Heartland Commerce Park (formerly known as Cooper Progress Park) and the comprehensive development plan for the area. He shares that the site plan has allowed the real estate agents to sell or rent the sectioned-off parcels of property. He tells us that there is interest in the properties.
  • Updates from Mount Vernon City Council:
    • A public hearing was held regarding rezoning a parcel of real estate on State Route 13 for a developer who wants to put a housing development. In the next 60 days, a public presentation will be held by the developer to go over the site plan.
    • A committee meeting was held regarding the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) with the Parks and Public Lands committee
    • A reorganizational meeting was held by the Utilities Department as they said farewell to Brian McKeever, the pre-treatment coordinator and operator.
    • Mayor Matt Starr shares that the City Council approved $2,000 to be used on a workforce development and employee recognition program to honor those who’ve dedicated many years of their life to public service.
  • Mayor Matt Starr encourages Mount Vernon residents to give their opinions on the Zoning Code Survey. The survey can be accessed from the City’s website and social media accounts. They can rate different pictures of ideas for housing and design in Mount Vernon. This will help the City plan for various kinds of housing.
  • Update from the Mount Vernon Police Department.
    • Continued training for officers
    • The increase in speed violations was reported, and this is due to an officer dedicated to patrolling areas of the City, specifically in school zones and neighborhoods.
  • Update from the Mount Vernon Fire Department including updates on recent training.
    • October is Fire Prevention Month, and Mayor Starr shares fire safety advice regarding electricity.
    • The Fire Department has also been performing driver’s training and physical fitness tests.
  • Mount Vernon’s designation as an Official Bee City
  • Mayor Starr shares a list of events planned for the City in November.
    • Planning budgets for upcoming projects.
    • Trick or Treat on Oct. 31
    • Veteran’s Day ceremony on Public Square on 11/11 at 11am
    • Preparing for snow
  • Mayor Starr shares the immediate goals for October

To stay in touch with the City, go to:

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