Celebrate “Do Something Nice Day” like 7 year old Piper!

Today, The Morning Thing celebrated Do Something Nice Day.
Have you heard about this day?
Do Something Nice Day is a good way for everyone to get motivated to be a positive and uplifting presence in the world – not only on this day but perhaps even starting a habit to do something nice every day! Click HERE to read more about it from daysoftheyear.com

This article shares some valuable information.
HOW to celebrate? It is easy – DO Something Nice for Someone, GIVE a compliment, MAKE a donation to Charity or JOIN a Kindness Community.

Read all about it HERE.

There is a community that is dedicated to kindness. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation offers ideas, resources, challenges and opportunities for individuals to connect, get daily emails and become activists for being nice. This Random Acts of Kindness community operates in 89 countries all over the world and reports more than 40,000 activists and it’s a great way to get connected and motivated to Do Something Nice!

There are A LOT of Benefits of Doing Something Nice:

  • Reduced Stress Hormones – People who are perpetually being nice tend to have 23% lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that hijacks the body’s processes and can even increase aging.
  • Lower Blood Pressure – Those who embrace the lifestyle of doing nice things can count on the release of oxytocin in their blood. This hormone helps to open up blood vessels and reduce blood pressure, creating a protection for the cardiovascular system and improving heart health. 
  • Reduced Depression – Studies have shown that people who give of themselves in kindness report greater life satisfaction, improved self-realization, improved mood and lower incidences of depression.
  • Extended Life Span – People who live lives devoted to acts of kindness are often calmer, release more serotonin (the peaceful hormone), have lower blood pressure and are generally happier. And this makes for an increased life span!

We talked to a local HERO that is living out this challenge of Doing Something Nice.
Click HERE to hear Marcy Rinehart’s conversation with Piper Schirtzinger. She is 7 years old and is in 2nd grade at Wiggin Street Elementary School. She will share how she fell in love with flowers at the age of 2 and is sharing her flowers with others. Piper’s Posies blesses SO many people! Piper also shares her advice on doing something nice for others. She is our perfect example for Do Something Nice Day!

Here are some pictures of Piper with her family! Thanks for your incredible outreach and encouragement Piper!

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