WNZR shines the spotlight on the 2022 Knox County Junior Fair Board

The members of the 2022 Knox County Junior Fair Board will be working hard all this week at the Fair. WNZR had the chance to visit with several board members. They shared about their responsibilities, the projects they have worked on this year and how this experience as a leader is impacting their lives. The members also encouraged other students to get involved with 4H and the Knox County Junior Fair.

Click HERE to hear the conversations with these outstanding leaders in our community.


President – Abbey Fowler

Vice – President – Patrick Frazer

Secretary – Natasha Tucker

Treasurer – Mia Armstrong

Public Relations – Ansley Daubenmier

Historian – Jocelyn Hall

2022 Junior Fair Board Members:

Delaney Alvis, Case Armstrong, Mia Armstrong, Jacklyn Auker, Kennedy Auker, Rebekah Conrad, Ansley Daubenmier, Destinee Dickerson, Gage Eberhardt, Abbey Fowler,  Damian Frazee,Patrick Frazer, Jocelyn Hall, Mason Huffman, Alexandria Magers, Kensley McMillen, Vivian Noble, Cordillia Richert, Eli Shrader, Lindsey Swendal, Blake Tucker, Natasha Tucker, Anysten VanHouten, Jacob Van Slyke, Alayna Wittel


Samantha Beheler, Junior Fair Coordinator 

Andrea Rees, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development 

Amy Carpenter, Junior Fair Advisor 

Lexie Doup, Junior Fair Advisor 

Addy Lucas, Junior Fair Advisor 

Bernie Douglas, Junior Fair Advisor 

Josh Stimpert, Junior Fair Advisor 

Katie Lindeman, Junior Fair Advisor 

Monica Magers, Junior Fair Advisor 

Nick Hegemier, Junior Fair Advisor 

Sarah Hegemier, Junior Fair Advisor 

Tara Hathaway, Junior Fair Advisor 

Cora Lyon-Eberhardt, Junior Fair Advisor


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