Christ-Centered Easter Ideas for Families

This morning we shared fun Christ-Center Easter activities for you to try with your family this year. These ideas we shared remind us of Jesus and cause us to reflect on His sacrifice and the hope of His resurrection. Here are some of the activities we shared this morning.

  •  Resurrection Eggs – Each egg in this one dozen set includes a meaningful object that helps teach the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. A devotional booklet is included to help you tell the story. You can also create your own Resurrection Eggs rather than buying them in a package.
  • Coin Covered Cross: Paid in Full – a wonderful reminder that Jesus truly paid it all on the cross.
  • The Jelly Bean Prayer Jar – a prayer jar filled with jelly beans with each color having a special meaning.
  • Scripture-centered Easter Basket – Put items into an Easter basket with each corresponding to a specific verse.

Check out all of these activities and so many more HERE.


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