The Morning Thing Friday Favorites – Good Friday edition

For our Friday Favorites this week, we celebrated Easter.
The Morning Thing hosts shared their favorite Easter songs.
Click HERE to hear their favorites.

Ricky loves Matt Maher, “Christ Is Risen”

Allison loves Matthew West, “Me On Your Mind”

Marcy loves Sandi Patty’s version of “Via Dolorosa”

The Morning Thing Friday Favorites – Easter Music

This week for Friday Favorites, The Morning Thing hosts share their favorite Easter songs.
Happy Easter from WNZR!

Marcy Rinehart – Click HERE to hear Marcy talk about her favorite Easter song, Secret Ambition by Michael W. Smith

Wesley Boston – Click HERE to hear Wesley talk about his favorite Easter song, Glorious Day (Living, He Loved Me) by Casting Crowns

MacKenzie Holder – Click HERE to hear MacKenzie talk about her favorite Easter song, At the Cross (Love Ran Red) by Chris Tomlin

Kelsi Brake – Click HERE to hear Kelsi talk about her favorite Easter song, The Commission by Cain

Alyssa Sidle – Click HERE to hear Alyssa talk about her favorite Easter song, Forever by Kari Jobe

Christ-Centered Easter Ideas for Families

This morning we shared fun Christ-Center Easter activities for you to try with your family this year. These ideas we shared remind us of Jesus and cause us to reflect on His sacrifice and the hope of His resurrection. Here are some of the activities we shared this morning.

  •  Resurrection Eggs – Each egg in this one dozen set includes a meaningful object that helps teach the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. A devotional booklet is included to help you tell the story. You can also create your own Resurrection Eggs rather than buying them in a package.
  • Coin Covered Cross: Paid in Full – a wonderful reminder that Jesus truly paid it all on the cross.
  • The Jelly Bean Prayer Jar – a prayer jar filled with jelly beans with each color having a special meaning.
  • Scripture-centered Easter Basket – Put items into an Easter basket with each corresponding to a specific verse.

Check out all of these activities and so many more HERE.


Make this Easter extra special for your KIDS! The Morning Thing shares ideas for a great holiday.

Easter is coming soon! Thursday’s show was for the Kids in your family.

Check out these FUN ideas for your family from

Easter Activities for Kids

Fun Easter Ideas for Kids!

20 Fun Easter Jokes for Kids

15 Easter Riddles for Kids

Celebrate Easter with the Knox Network of Christian Ministries and WNZR

The Knox Network of Christian Ministries is hosting some special Easter Events

Amy Hudson from the Knox Network of Christian Ministries shared some great news about these Easter events with The Morning Thing.

Click HERE and listen in as she shares about daily Zoom Prayers and a special online Good Friday service.

Prayer is important and you are not alone! Join KNCM in prayer today and this weekend.

good friday service

Exciting news about a virtual Good Friday Service!
Good Friday commemorates the day Jesus Christ died for our sins. As humans it’s hard to think of torture, suffering and death as “good” but Christ willingly experienced all that for us! He made the ultimate sacrifice so we could have the free gift of eternal life in Him.

Join the Knox Network of Christian Ministries in celebrating God’s goodness, love and mercy on Good Friday.
You are invited to join an online Community Celebration Service THIS Friday at 7 p.m. 7 area Pastors will lead the service and be joined by the Covenant Church Worship Team.
The service will be shared online as a Zoom webinar and shared live on the Knox Network of Christian Ministries Facebook page.

An opportunity will be extended to take communion together. Please have bread or crackers and juice with you if you would like to participate. Call or Text Amy Hudson to receive the Zoom link 740-358-0964 OR email

bell ringing Easter morning

We want the church bells to ring on Easter Sunday Morning!
To show our solidarity and unity in Christ, the Knox Network of Christian Ministries and WNZR are asking all Knox County Churches to ring your Church Bells for 2 minutes. Churches – please ring your bells on Easter Sunday at 10am.
Thanks to Scott Burgess from First Baptist Church in Mount Vernon for this great idea!

zoom prayer services

Join the Knox Network of Christian Ministires in prayer
2 Chronicles 7:14 says “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land”. 

You are invited to join a community prayer meeting on Zoom! The virtual prayer will take place Mondays through Saturdays at 10 a.m.
Call or Text Amy Hudson to receive the Zoom link 740-358-0964 OR  email

Happy Easter from the Knox Network of Christian Ministries and WNZR!

We should celebrate Easter all year round

We just celebrated Easter – the holiest day of the year, the foundation of our faith, when everything in scripture is fulfilled.

So, how can we celebrate Easter throughout the year? We found some great insight from

Click HERE for the full article.

Here are a few short notes from the article. We encourage you to read the full article to dig even deeper into the scripture verses.

1. Simply Believe

Easter is about believing—even when it’s hard. It’s about letting go of our requirement for an explanation and taking God’s word at face value.

2. Seek Aliveness

Being fully alive requires active participation in life. Celebrating Easter involves pursuing our unique contribution to life and letting ourselves be inspired.

3. Spread Joy

Easter takes away our reasons to cry: Jesus is risen. Death is defeated. All sin is forgiven. We enjoy eternal life. Jesus charges Mary with the same task given to every disciple who arrives at the empty tomb: Go public. Spread joy. Spread Easter.

4. Be Open to Possibility

Easter prods us to envision possibilities that are out of our realm of understanding, trusting that God has a master plan that makes sense.
Celebrating Easter is about turning our gaze from where we think the answer lies, and getting out of the way so that miracles can happen. It’s about believing that good can come from our messes, and there is no such thing as a no-win situation.

5. Let Go of Fear

We become afraid when we don’t understand things. We classify our problems and frustrations into nice, tidy boxes. The resurrection narratives point us in another direction. In Matthew’s gospel, we hear the four words Do not be afraid twice in one paragraph.
It is difficult not to give into anxiety; however, each time we abandon our fear, we celebrate Easter.

6. Recognize Jesus in Our Lives 

Finally, we celebrate Easter by becoming more aware of Jesus’ presence in our lives, like the two men on the road to Emmaus. Celebrating Easter is being cognizant on the coincidences or heart-burning moments in our lives when we feel Jesus’ presence.

By cultivating joy, letting go of fear, being open to possibilities and recognizing Jesus in our lives, we can celebrate Easter throughout the year.

(Picture from

Are you ready for Easter?

Today, The Morning Thing shared ideas for Easter 2019.
We shared ideas on food, baskets and decorating. Check out these fun and yummy ideas from

Click HERE for decorating tips for your Easter Eggs. Once your eggs are dipped, dyed, and decorated, add them to your Easter basketstable decorations, or floral centerpieces. Your house is looking more colorful — and festive — already.

Click HERE for 60 Mix-and-Match Easter Dinner Menus. YUMMY!

Click HERE for 25 Seriously Creative Easter Gift Ideas for Kids.

Click HERE for Easter decorating ideas. 30 Gorgeous Easter Wreaths You Can Keep Up All Spring

Happy Easter from The Morning Thing and WNZR!

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