WNZR presents the April 2022 MVNU Presidential Update

MVNU’s President, Dr. Henry Spaulding, talked with The Morning Thing for his monthly Presidential Update.

Click on the links to hear the entire conversation.

Part 1 – https://soundcloud.com/wnzr/dr-spaulding-april-2022-presidential-update-part-1
Part 2 – https://soundcloud.com/wnzr/dr-spaulding-april-2022-presidential-update-part-2
Part 3 – https://soundcloud.com/wnzr/dr-spaulding-april-2022-presidential-update-part-3
Part 4 – https://soundcloud.com/wnzr/dr-spaulding-april-2022-presidential-update-part-4
Part 5 – https://soundcloud.com/wnzr/dr-spaulding-april-2022-presidential-update-part-5

Dr. Spaulding shared his thoughts as spring semester 2022 wraps up.
He shared his biggest goals for the month of April as well as some goals for the summer.
He shared some information about special projects going on in the coming months and MVNU calendar highlights for April.

Dr. Spaulding also shared special messages for our MVNU graduating seniors, students, faculty, and staff for this month.

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