November 2021 Spotlight on Mount Vernon with Mayor Matt Starr

Mount Vernon Mayor Matt Starr shared updates on the City with The Morning Thing on Friday, 11/26.
Click HERE to hear the full conversation.

Topics included:

  • Construction projects happening in Mount Vernon including Chestnut Street.
  • Updates on Sandusky Street including the delays of the light poles and how that will impact traffic flow throughout the rest of 2021.
  • Construction project updates including South Main Street bike trail underpass, city-wide paving, bike trail upgrades at Ariel Foundation Park, and water lines on McKinley, East, Marion and Madison Streets.
  • Mayor Starr discussed the underground water reservoir and the upgrades being completed by the city. He also talked about the Oak Street and Catherine Street project.
  • Updates from Mount Vernon City Council including the donation of the County Landfill parcel of land to the County. He also talked about some upcoming purchases for the Street Department and shared that the city is in remarkable shape following the pandemic.
  • City Council is considering joining MORPCE (Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission).
  • Updates on the Mount Vernon Fire Department and the Gambier Station Transition.
  • Updates on Mount Vernon Police Department including the swearing in of 3 new officers and the arrival of the new Community Advocate.
  • Goals for the month of December – finishing up several construction projects, creating punch cards (final check lists for the contractors) for about 8-9 projects, meeting with department heads to discuss goals and budgets and launching new web videos with a new marketing message for the city. Mount Vernon’s NEW tagline is “An innovative community, authentically hometown”.
  • Mayor Starr talked about his big goals for the city in 2022. He wants to look at the organizational structure for the city. He wants to restructure the utilities and engineering departments.
  • We also shared details about some community events happening as we wrap up November and head into December. Mayor Starr shares with how to stay connected with community updates and events. He also talks about how people can pray for him and his team.

To stay in touch with the City, go to:

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