The Dos and Don’ts for Parents of College Students

It is that time of year when high school graduates will make their way to college campuses, embarking on their collegiate career.

This transition is challenging for everyone in the family.
Parents, don’t worry! We found some fabulous and encouraging tips on how to navigate this very important transition.

First – the DON’TS for Parents. Here are 6 Things You Should Absolutely NEVER Do as the Parent of a College Student from the insightful blog

Click HERE for the full article.

1. Don’t choose their major

2. Don’t guilt them into going to a particular school, joining your Greek organization, etc.

3. Don’t push them away from opportunities just because they scare you.

4. Don’t ridicule them when they have new ideas and passions

5. Don’t speak for them, including using their email to pose as them

6. Don’t be afraid to let them struggle and {yes!} fail

Now, the DOS:

Advice for college-bound students and parents

  • Research colleges together.
  • Let your child lead.
  • Establish autonomy early.
  • Discuss what everyone wants out of college.
  • Create a financial plan.
  • Look for merit aid early.
  • Visit campuses in person or virtually.
  • Manage the collective stress.
  • Keep students on track with deadlines.
  • Deal with rejection.
  • Find the right fit in the final decision.
  • Talk about safety.
  • Set communication guidelines.

Click HERE to read the full article from

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