Independence Day is coming soon. Are you ready for fireworks?

The Morning Thing focused on fireworks on today’s show (6/30).

How much do you know about this fun way that Americans use to celebrate our independence?

We talked with Terry Davis, Fire Prevention Officer at the Mount Vernon Fire Department.
Click HERE to hear the full conversation.
WNZR’s Alyssa Sidle talked with Terry Davis about what is and isn’t legal in the State of Ohio for fireworks. Terry also shared some safety tips to keep families safe this holiday.

We also shared details about local fireworks displays.
Click HERE to see a list of where you can see fireworks around Central Ohio.

Ariel Foundation Park is excited to bring fireworks back to Mount Vernon for 2021!
Click HERE to see details about the celebration on Sunday, July 4th. You can also find parking information at this link.

Did you know that all of the different fireworks shapes have their own names?
Check it out! Have a Happy 4th of July!

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