June Spotlight on Mount Vernon with Mayor Matt Starr

WNZR talked with Mount Vernon Mayor, Matt Starr for our June Spotlight on Mount Vernon. We covered multiple topics this month including how to stay connected to all that is happening in our City.

Click HERE to hear the full conversation.

Topics include:

  • Construction Projects Update
  • City’s Mowing Season and becoming a Bee City USA Town
  • How iWork Software is allowing residents and businesses to apply for permits online
  • Upcoming analysis of our parks system and how residents can participate in the process
  • Update from the Mount Vernon Fire Department including the city’s hiring of firefighters for the Gambier College Township and a new bike medic for community events
  • Changes at Mount Vernon City Council
  • Gilchrist Estates Development Project and how this could help our city and families looking to purchase a home
  • Update from the Mount Vernon Police Department including the importance of providing equipment for our officers
  • Highlight of City’s calendar of events for families
  • Update on Hiawatha Water Park and Pool
  • Goals for July

Stay connected with Mount Vernon City Hall:

Website: www.mountvernonohio.org

Facebook: the city of Mount Vernon

Twitter: citymv1805

Podcast – Chat with Mayor Matt

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