Memorial Day Activities to Remember the Meaning of the Holiday

What are your plans for Memorial Day? Maybe you’re taking your family to see the parade and have some candy tossed at you. Or maybe you’ve already got some burgers to throw on the grill and you’re looking forward to a cookout. Many of us are most likely looking forward to seeing our families as the pandemic gradually recedes and it becomes safer to do so. Or maybe you just plan on sleeping in and catching up on rest on your day off.

None of these things are bad. We should definitely take any opportunities to rest and spend time with our families. However, every holiday has a meaning and a reason. We stress the importance of Jesus’ birth as the reason for the season at Christmas, not selfishly demanding gifts and cookies. At Thanksgiving we remind ourselves of the blessings for which we are thankful rather than make it all about gluttonous devouring of a plump turkey. Likewise, there is a reason for Memorial Day, one that we shouldn’t lose track of in the midst of the other activities we have planned.

Today, the Morning Thing shared a list of activities you and your family can do this year to celebrate Memorial Day in a way to remember and honor what it is all about. They are simple, but powerful, and there are plenty of options so that you can find the best ones for your family to try out this year. And who knows? Maybe you’ll start a new tradition!

You can find the full list HERE.

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