Hey Mom! What your kids say is proof that you are a good Mom!

Moms, do you ever question yourself? Do you wonder if you have done enough to raise your children to be good human beings? You are not alone. All mothers go through times of questioning and second-guessing their parenting ability.

The Morning Thing has GOOD news! There are 8 Things Kids Say That Prove You ARE a Great Mom!
Click HERE to see the list from imom.com

1. “That’s not fair.”

2. “I forgive you.”

3. “I messed up.”

4. “I didn’t know that.”

5. “My dream is to…”

6. “Everyone else is allowed to.”

7. “I feel bad.”

8. “I’m ready to try again.”

Click HERE to read the full article.

Mom – we want you to know that you ARE doing a great job! You are loved! You are appreciated! You are NOT alone.

Here is a special song for Moms. Grab a tissue and enjoy the message of “Slow Down” from Nichole Nordeman.

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