What is your Love Language?

The Morning Thing wrapped up “Love Week” by talking about the 5 Love Languages.

Have you taken the test?
Click HERE to find out your love language and start the process of better understanding in your relationships.

Dr. Gary Chapman has defined 5 Love Languages:
– Words of Affirmation
– Acts of Service
– Receiving Gifts
– Quality Time
– Physical Touch
The website https://www.5lovelanguages.com/ is full of resources for anyone and any type of relationship.

Our Co-Hosts took the quiz to identify their top love language.

Click HERE to hear about Hunter’s top love language Quality Time.

Click HERE to hear Wesley talk about Words of Affirmation.

Marcy Rinehart invited her husband Joe (from The Afternoon Drive) to the show to talk about his top love language and what he has learned by taking the test. Click HERE to hear their conversation.

We encourage you to take the test and have your loved ones take the test. Then start using some of Dr. Gary Chapman’s resources to build stronger relationships.

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Morning Thing!

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