A new year is a great time to start a new tradition for your family – family devotions.

On Monday’s show, we shared a simple way to start family devotions.

Three tips to help you succeed (from Focus on the Family):

Set a reasonable goal – Once a week do something active to teach a spiritual truth. The kids will have fun — and their enthusiasm will fuel you to keep going.

Keep the tie-in time short – Great family devotions get one nugget of truth across after the activity. One. This shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Your kids won’t have time to get bored — and will remember the application. This will fire you up to prepare the next lesson.

With multiple age groups, focus on the older kids – If you bring the level of your devotions down to your youngest, your oldest will think family devotions are only for younger kids. They’ll check out, and you may not get them back for the balance of that devotion — or for future ones. Remember, you’ve got less years to impact your older kids, and likely they’re closer to the bigger dangers. As long as you keep the older kids actively engaged, you’ll find leading family devotions makes a difference, even with your younger kids, and you won’t be tempted to quit.

Click HERE to read the entire article from Focus on the Family, including some great resources for every age group in your family.

We also talked about how to do “devotions on the GO”.  
Click HERE to learn more.

Click HERE to access 52 free devotions for your family from Focus on the Family.

Picture from focusonthefamily.com

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