Food for Fines is back to support Food For The Hungry

This week, The Morning Thing is shining the spotlight on events to support Food For The Hungry. WNZR’s Wesley Boston talked with John Chidester, Director of the Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County. They talked about the Food for Fines campaign to benefit Food For The Hungry.

Click HERE to hear their conversation.

The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County is back with Food for Fines

The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County, including its branch libraries in Fredericktown, Danville and Gambier, is sponsoring a “Food for Fines” campaign that runs until Saturday, Dec. 14. During this time, library fines may be paid with canned or boxed non-perishable food items equal to the value of the fine. Donations of food or money will be gratefully accepted.

Items that are at or near their expiration dates or in damaged or compromised containers will not be accepted. All collected food and money will be given to the Food For The Hungry drive, and donations from each community will stay in that local community. The Libraries cannot accept food in payment for lost or damaged items. In addition to food items, the library will accept Humane Society approved brands of pet food.

The Food for Fines collection started in 1989! This year marks the 31st year for this collection!

The Food for Fines collection happens in all branches – Mount Vernon, Danville, Fredericktown and Gambier. All food collected in those communities stay IN those communities to benefit families in need.

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