A Day of Bullying Prevention: What are The Signs?

The Morning Thing talked Monday morning about a Global Day of Bullying Prevention.

This day started because two young men saw that one person was being bullied because of the clothes he was wearing, and instead of standing by, they helped him. If you want to read up on the history of Bullying Prevention Day, check it out HERE.

What’s The Need-to-Know about Bullying?


(photo from www.imom.com)

Marcy and Lexie also talked about what the signs of bullying are. According to http://www.imom.com, one in four kids who bully will grow up to have a criminal record before the age of 30. The way that bullying is in the 21st century looks very different as well, due to the addition of social media. Want to know more? click HERE

Is Your Child a Bully?


(photo from daysoftheyear.com )

Marcy and Lexie also share five signs that your child may be the one who is doing the bullying. Is your child obsessed with popularity? Making overly-critical comments? Getting angry when they don’t get their way? These may seem like just a part of growing up, but it might be signs that your child is a bully. http://www.imom.com, talks about the five signs your child might be picking on others, and how to handle these situations when they arise. to read more, click HERE



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