The ministry of Knox Starting Point is changing lives

The Morning Thing is highlighting the ministry of Starting Point all this week.
On Tuesday, WNZR’s Marcy Rinehart had a chance to talk to Audrey,  a client of Starting Point. She shared the powerful story of how their services helped her to become a better mother, friend and person. Click HERE to hear Audrey talk about how her connection with this ministry has changed her life.

There are many women like Audrey that are looking for answers and looking for support. Please consider supporting the ministry of Starting Point.

You can make an Impact on Lives for generations – join WNZR for Starting Point’s Walk/RUN this Saturday.

Click HERE for more information.
If you can’t walk or run, you can support the WNZR Team. Just call 740-392-9090 to make your pledge.

Starting Point – Get Information. Get Answers. Start Here.

Knox Starting Point helps to provide accurate information and compassionate assistance to teens and young adults facing important life-changing decisions. Starting Point serves an average of 350-400 women and men each year with their confidential services and life-affirming alternatives to abortion. These visits provide a tremendous outreach opportunity within our community. Congratulations to the ministry for celebrating 30 years of serving our community.

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