Travel Week continues on The Morning Thing – Today was all about NYC (Nazarene Youth Conference)!

What is NYC? Nazarene Youth Conference?
Hosted by the Church of the Nazarene, NYC is a powerful youth event that has been held in different locations over the past six decades. Taking place every four years, NYC provides an opportunity for high school students from the USA and Canada to be united in a time of worship, teaching, and community service.

Where and when did NYC 2019 take place? NYC 2019 was held July 10-14, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

What was the theme? 
Drawn from Matthew 22:37-40, the theme of NYC 2019 is Love God Love Others. Students will be challenged to focus on the Author of love as we consider how holy lives are formed when love for God and love for others comes together.

Today, The Morning Thing shared memories with 2 attendees to NYC19.

We talked with Kayla Washington, MVNU Sophomore.  She was a volunteer for Nazarene Youth Conference.  Click HERE to hear Kayla share memories and experiences from this amazing event. 
We also talked with David Calvarese from the MVNU Admissions Office. He was part of the Admissions team that traveled to Phoenix, Arizona this past week.  David shares his memories and experiences from this amazing event. He also talks about MVNU’s booth and the ability to interact with thousands of students. Click HERE to hear David’s conversation.
Click HERE for more information about Nazarene Youth Conference.

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