WNZR celebrates Seniors Week with Daniel Skrzypchak

This week, The Morning Thing is shining the spotlight on our WNZR Seniors!

We have 8 graduating seniors on our Big Blue Crew.

On Tuesday, we shared a conversation with Daniel Skrzypchak.
Daniel is from Elgin, Illinois. He is graduating with a degree in Communication and Media (Digital Media). His minors are Sports Media and Graphic Design.

Daniel shares how volleyball brought him to MVNU and how he found his way to WNZR.
He has shared his talents with our team on and off the air, including working for WNZR Video Team and helping with graphic design jobs.

Daniel shares his favorite memories from both WNZR and MVNU.
He will be returning this fall to finish a few credits and serve as an Assistant Coach for the MVNU Women’s Volleyball Team.

Click HERE to enjoy the conversation!

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

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