WNZR’s Meet the Staff Monday with Zach Reuss

This week’s Meet the Staff Monday on WNZR features freshman, Zach Reuss.

Zach is from Cincinnati. His major is Communication and Media (Digital Media).

Zach shares what brought him to MVNU and how he found his way to WNZR.

He shares some favorites including how he loves being part of the WNZR Video Crew. Zach also shares about his connection to WNZR through his big sister, Emma (a co-host of The Afternoon Drive).

You can also learn more about Zach with WNZR’s Rapid Fire. His favorite bible verse is Isaiah 41:10, our theme verse for Lifeline 2023!

Click HERE to enjoy the conversation!

You can hear Zach on WNZR on Wednesdays 12pm – 1pm and Fridays 1pm – 2pm.

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