Don’t “should” on yourself!

Did you have to read that title twice? 🙂

Today, The Morning Thing shared some great life advice from author and speaker, Shaunti Feldhahn.

Life is crazy and well….things happen, not always the way we want them to or expect them to happen. When life gives us lemons, or we don’t respond in the best way to a challenging situation, it is easy to say…..I should ofWe should ofThis should of….

Shaunti says Don’t “Should” on Yourself!

Check out her advice, 4 things to do that will not only protect, but actually enhance your relationships.
Click HERE to read the full article.

To-Do #1: Stop before you start beating yourself up

To-Do #2: Give yourself grace

To-Do #3: Live in learning mode instead of performance mode

To-Do #4: Don’t “should” on others

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