WNZR talks with Author Heidi Gray McGill

Did you know that WNZR, MVNU and Mount Vernon are featured in a new book? YES!
Marcy Rinehart of The Morning Thing had the privilege of talking with Author, Heidi Gray McGill about her new book Dial P for Perfect.
It is part of a series of books called You Are On The Air. Each book focuses on a radio station.
We talked with Heidi about how she got into writing, why she chose to set the story in Mount Vernon and the sensitive topic of this book. Dial P for Perfect tells the story of Ginger – a curvy girl who is learning to accept herself for the way God sees her!

Click HERE to hear the Marcy’s conversation with Heidi.

You can find the book on Amazon. Search for Heidi Gray McGill or click HERE.
The book releases on Wednesday, 9/7/22.

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Dial P for Perfect Synopsis:
Being a curvy girl can be a curse…unless you find someone who values the person you are underneath.
Snarky is one way to describe Ginger’s response to life, love, and loss—as in weight loss. She needs to whip up a little creativity, self-forgiveness, and reality.
Reggie is one cup nerd, two cups out-of-style, and a dollop of comfortable. Add in a dash of corny, and you’ve got a heap of fun even though Ginger can’t count their time together as dates. Stir in her best friend Scott, whom Ginger’s liked since University, and you have all the makings of a recipe for confusion and potential heartbreak.
Enjoy some belly laughs with Ginger as she navigates dating life. Walk beside her, figuratively—since that’s too much like exercise—as she determines her path in life. Will she accept herself as she is, or will changing to achieve perceived perfection challenge Ginger to dig deep into how God sees her?
We see our flaws, but our heavenly Father sees His intricate, thoughtfully designed creation.

Heidi Gray McGill

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